Every building company offers various services to try and persuade you to use their services. Although they offer these services, this does not necessarily mean that they are good at what they do. Here at Go Large Build and Design, Our Builders in Milton Keynes have experience in various areas of building to ensure that their work is backed up with experience and professionalism. To see some our previous work, Click Here.

Why choose our builders?

Our Builders have over 10 years of experience in the building industry, with nothing but the best Testimonials to back them! Every job is completed at the best possible rate, without compromising on the quality of the service. If you find another building company who are offering the exact same job as us for a cheaper price, we will bring our price down to price match them!

***Evidence must be shown before our price match guarantee is valid.


If you decide to use our Carpentry services, we can promise you that the job will be completed efficiently when regarding time and costs. Since establishment, our carpentry services have been highly recommended to us from previous clients who have used these services.


Looking to extend your property? Our builders will ensure that your House Extension is completed to the highest quality to blend in with the rest of your house by using similar, if not the same bricks. Not everyone understands the depth of architecture, so if you are unsure on the drawings of your new extension, we can contact the architect that we use to sort out all of the details for you. Then we can do the rest and make your drawing a reality!


Whether you are just renovating a garage, or a porch, our builders will ensure that you are happy through all of it. Good communication between our builders and our clients is something that we ensure happens through the entire time that you are working with us. If you do not like a part of the renovation, our builders will ensure that they understand what you really want to happen so that you are happy the entire time.