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The world is full of unique, strange buildings and the architecture is remarkable, it’s questionable how it is even possible for a building in such an absurd position or angle is even possible to stay standing. A lot of these building are huge landmarks that add a great deal of significance and meaning to a country, others have their own personal inspiration and back story and have been around for years! We have so many of these beautiful, unique buildings around the world, so if you’re interested in architecture or simply intrigued about some of the strange establishments located around this place we call home, then carry on reading!

What Makes Unique Buildings So Unique?

You may think this is a bit of a silly question but appreciation must be shown for the architecture and construction of these weird but wonderful structures!

The detail and thought that goes into making these buildings can take years simply to plan let alone when the initial construction begins, architects must process not only what the building will look like, but how it will stand and how it will withstand some of the harshest beatings from the planet’s natural elements.

If you want more of these beautiful obscene buildings, then carry on!

#1 Ripleys Believe It Or Not – Niagra Falls

This building technically speaking is more for entertainment and information purposes more so than to admire the architectural structure.

Located in Niagra Falls on Clifton Hill, it is a typical tourist attraction and features a museum alongside some museum-type attractions inside.

The history of this building goes back a few years to 1964; it was only fully renovated in 2016, and it is still firmly holding the title of Niagara’s best museum.

From all over the planet, Robert Ripley collected and brought home the weird and wonderful things presented in this museum today.

Explore some of the most adventurous daredevils from Niagra Falls and take part in interactive activities as part of your venture through Ripleys Believe It Or Not.

This building has features such as King Kong hanging off the side of the structure, and the building is actually on its side to make it seem as if King Kong is pulling it over.

The architectural side of this building is outstanding, although humorous this building offers some really stunning architectural designs.

#2 The WonderWorks – Pigeon Falls

Slightly like the building we listed before this building is another that is aimed at entertainment more than the process of architecture.

These kind of establishments are designed to wow tourists and are often designed to be whacky, weird designs that you wouldn’t normally find.

The history behind this building is a story created to wow children that visit this activity centre; supposedly this building was once a secret laboratory located in the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

It is said an experiment gone wild caused the building to be thrown across to Pigeon Falls where it landed upside down. Obviously, this is not true, but this obscene story excites children and entices them to visit the crazy upside down museum from the Bermuda Triangle.

All that being said the architecture design for this building is intricate yet stunning, the building is upside down and so are a vast amount of the rooms located inside.

This would’ve been tough to construct, and a lot of planning beforehand would’ve been necessary.

#3 Montaña Mágica Lodge – Chile

One of the most stunning buildings yet to date, this building is located just before the Andes Mountains in Chile. Used as a lodge this place would be a dream to stay at.

Not only is it constructed out of all natural materials but it is shaped like a volcano, it’s most glorious feature being that fresh water spews down the side of this stunning creation.

This building is coated in flowers and fresh grass and is located hidden away in the centre of a 300,000-acre secret nature reserve at Huilo-Huilo in Los Rios, with access only achievable by a tiny rope bridge. The activities offered at the Magica Lodge include hiking or exclusive access to the longest zip wire located in South America.

Hot tubs created from natural tree trunks are available for evening relaxation while you are soothed by the continuous sound of the homemade waterfall trickling outside your window.

#4 The Crooked House – Himley Staffordshire

This building will make you question whether you actually want a drink!

The Crooked House Pub in Himley Staffordshire is the only pub in the UK that has one side higher up than the other; it tilts to the side and when you walk in the doors are also tilted with it!

Originally built as a farmhouse in 1765, it was later transformed into a pub and named the “Siden House” which in Black Country dialect translates to crooked.

It has had its name changed a few times and had continuously been closed down for being unsafe until Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries rescued it by using buttresses and girders to make the building safe and able to stay open for business.

It is now open for business as normal, and people from all over the world come to marvel at this buildings unbelievable architecture. Tourists feel drunk the moment they walk through the door – without even touching any alcohol!

#5 Le Palais Idéal – France

Named as one of France’s most beautiful buildings, this particular architectural structural brings in flocks of tourists desperate to have a glance of this renown masterpiece.

Created by Ferdinand Cheval, a French postman who began building his dream home in the late 19th century. This building all stemmed after Ferdinand tripped on a rock on his way home from work, he picked up the rock and was astounded by its unique shape which fuelled his inspiration to build the Palais Idéal.

Ferdinand had access to limited education, and next to no experience in architecture, the building took 34 years to complete, and Ferdinand carried on through the mocking and tormenting from members of his neighbourhood.

He travelled 42km with a wheelbarrow collecting stones and completed the building all by himself, mocking and tormenting soon turned to words of admiration and people became to flood in from all different areas to visit Ferdinand’s finished palace.

The architecture was inspired by various cultures such as northern European and Chinese all fused together to form a unique set of grottos, alongside a collection of statues of bears, ostriches and other animals.

The French authorities declined Ferdinand’s request to be buried in his palace, so he created and built his own beautiful vault in the cemetery that he could be laid to rest in at the age of 80 years old.

#6 Ryugyong Hotel – North Korea

Its nickname being “The Hotel Of Doom” It’s construction started 25 years ago and was aided by the Egyptians.

It was intended to be the world’s tallest hotel but instead ended up being a massive project fail, it has never opened its doors to a single guest, and in fact, it is almost as old as North Koreas leader Kim Jong Un.

It stands eerily and at night only a single flash warning aircraft can be seen blinking in the distance, there are lots of speculations and stories that the Ryugyong Hotel will open it’s doors this year as Kim Jong Un claimed he would like to have it up and running.

However, it’s not looking like this will be opened anytime soon as nobody has been seen in there since a light was spotted on in the top of the building at the end of 2016.

The building was not finished due to a lack of funding, and it seems as if the situation is going to stay how it currently is for the time being.


So there are some of the most unique buildings scattered all across the globe, some of the architectural work is outstanding, and it can not be understood how it is physically possible for buildings to stand given their shapes and the angles they’re displayed at.

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