Garden Furniture

Summer is fast approaching, however, when you live in England, the weather has a mind of its own. So when the sun does makes an appearance, everyone enjoys relaxing in the heat while in the comfort of their garden.

But what furniture should you spruce up your garden with? Not sure? Well if not we’ve written this article on the Top 10 Garden Furniture Items in case you’re looking around for any inspiration.

What Makes High-Quality Garden Furniture?

For garden furniture to be of high quality it needs to be durable and able to withstand the elements without being destroyed, it also needs to add some character to your garden for you to enjoy spending time in it.

#1 A Dining Set

Who doesn’t love enjoying their meal outside in the beautiful weather as much as possible? For me, it makes it so much more enjoyable.

A dining table can add a nice touch to your garden and make it better to spend time in. We love this Miami five piece bar dining set from The Range, perfect for an elegant touch to your garden!

Rain or shine you can enjoy your meal in your garden as it comes with a socket for a parasol, making it the perfect multifunctional garden accessory.

Not only is it reasonably easy to assemble but it also comes with a thick glass table topper, making it practical and easy to wipe down and maintain.

If you are looking into a garden dining set opt for aluminium or wood as a lot of other materials are not very durable, and if you live here in England it probably will not be able to withstand our usual rainy, windy weather.

Available At The Range

#2 Garden Sofa

Like lounging on the sofa wasn’t already good enough! Now you can lounge around and relax in the sun on a sofa for your garden.

We found the Pembridge adjustable garden sofa from Homebase was not only attractive but also one of the most practical garden sofas.

It’s adjustable so can be used for sitting outside for a chat or drinks with your friends, but the armrest can then be transformed into a headrest, and it turns into a bed-like contraption. Sofas do not come cheap, but £349.99 seems rather reasonable for an adjustable sofa for your garden, not to mention that it is also able to be disassembled and reassembled for storage purposes.

Available At Homebase

#3 Deck chairs

Deckchairs are no longer just for the beach. Deckchairs are an easy and also cheaper alternative to buying lots of chairs to seat around your garden table.

If you were already looking for a cheaper alternative, deck chairs prices are a lot lower, and they give you comfort just as a regular garden dining chair would.

Although they aren’t quite the same as a garden sofa, they are still great and are available in multiple colours which can add a nice vibrant aroma to your garden.

They are perfect for sunbathing and relaxing on the patio, patios are also a good addition to your garden and for more information speak to one of our team members about a patio in Milton Keynes.

The deck chairs are portable as they are flat packed and snap open and shut for easy transport.

Available At Habitat

#4 Hammocks

Hammocks are an uncommon accessory to have in your garden which makes them so much more fun!

They make the ideal spot for a nap in the sun without having to lounge on the grass on a blanket and can give your garden a touch of subtle originality.

Hammocks may look like they’re difficult to hang up, but you can purchase ones that have hooks, so there is no need for any tying together or knotting, like this Fredon hammock from Ikea.

Hammocks are a fun alternative to chairs and also give a slight reminder of somewhere abroad or a holiday destination, meaning you can relax like you’re on holiday in your back garden.

Available At Ikea

#5 Garden Tables

Vital for your garden, a space to put your drinks or your dinner a garden table is crucial as nobody’s going to want to put anything going near their mouths on the floor.

The table we found is perfect for garden parties or a family meal. The Mayfair oval dining table from Bridgman can sit between eight to twelve people, depending on the chair options you choose.

Just like the dining set we mentioned earlier this table also comes with a plastic plug for a parasol, meaning it is also able to be used all year round. It equates to around £1899 which is expensive. However, it is designed to be durable and last all year round.

Made out of a rattan weave it will not fade or crack; henceforth this table needs minimal cleaning or maintenance with only a simple scrub down with soapy water being necessary.

Available At Bridgman

#6 Hanging Chairs

Again another fun addition to your garden. Hanging chairs are not only fun, but they’re also really comfy, like this cocoon hanging chair from Wayfair.

This chair is in the shape of a tipi and can be hung from a tree or the bar of a gazebo or anywhere. It can be filled with pillows to be made cosy or can be left empty to stretch out.

Hanging chairs are a good way to get your children active, and in the garden, the cocoon hanging chair comes in up to 6 different colours for both girls and boys. They can be used in the garden, in a bedroom, the living room, just about anywhere you can hang something up which makes them so useful.

Available At Wayfair

#7 Bean Bags

Your children will love this squishy alternative to a garden chair. Outdoor bean bags are incredibly comfy and another one of the budget options coming in at around £80.

Multiple bean bags can be pushed together to create a circle to gather round in, or pushed together to seat children at a children’s party. The bean bags are lightweight, yet have thicker material as opposed to normal bean bags to increase their durability yet they are still easy to move, they also make a good spot for your dog or cat to lounge in the sun without having the discomfort of laying on the grass.

Just like the hanging chairs, bean bags can be used inside the house and outside, so you’d definitely get your money worth out of them. Available in 10 different colours outdoor beanbags are one of the cheapest easiest items of furniture to spruce up your garden.

Available At Cuckooland

Quick Recap

So there are some examples of some of the best garden furniture items. For some more permanent inspiration why not visit our page and looks at some of our patio extensions or garden work? And if you received some inspiration from this article why not share it?

Enjoy your fresh and unique garden!