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Some properties that exist today have unbelievable features, with technology ever-evolving smart homes are being built more frequently at a higher volume, making them some of the most luxury homes around the world.

What Type Of Homes Around The World Are There?

Ranging from studios to apartments, acres of land and even mansions there are a variety of property types up for grabs in the million pound property market. Despite the actual size of your property, the unique features that a lot of them have can have a massive influence on the final pricing.

We’re sure that you have a vision of your perfect property, although some home features are only found in some of the most complex architectural work in the world. Planning and building for these properties take years in both preparations as well as while building is taking place. So we’ve devised a list of some of the most luxurious, expensive properties from around the world – complete with unique features that are hard to locate on your standard property. So keep reading!

Villa Leopold In France

The Villa Leopold has been around since 1929 when it started its construction; it was completed in 1931 by American architect Ogden Codman. Valued 500 million euros (£443,451,387) the Villa Leopold is an extremely detailed and sought after property. It was bought by King Leopold II who gifted it to one of his mistresses, the next owner of the house was Edmond Safra.

Unfortunately, he passed away in a fire, leaving the millionaire mansion to his wife Lily Safra who is the current owner. The incredible villa sits on a humungous 50 acres of land with 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen, swimming pool and a helipad. It has been featured in a variety of popular films, one of those being “To Catch A Thief”.

Beverly House In Beverly Hills

Beverly House has been around since the 1920’s time period, and was designed by talented architect Gordon Kauffman. Its last listing came in at a whopping $123 million, but even more recently it was put up for lease for $600,000 a month!

It has a long history and has even housed John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline on their honeymoon after exchanging their vows. Sitting on 6 acres of land it’s clear that this property offers plenty of space for activities, even the entry hall is an incredible 50 square feet. The sought-after features of this property include things such as a library, hand carved detailed ceilings, 2 projection rooms, spa facilities, wrap around balconies, billiard room, a family room and an outer terrace that can seat a maximum of 400 guests – perfect for parties!

Beverly house underwent numerous home extensions Buckingham to increase its value and so that it matched up to the standards of party king Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. As one of the most renown properties in the entirety of America, it’s no surprise that Beverly House has featured in many award-winning blockbusters such as “The Godfather’ and “The Bodyguard”.

Antila In India

The worlds first billion-dollar home, owned by Mukesh Ambani his wife and 2 children they’re the first family to inhabit a billion dollar home located in the heart of Mumbai on one of the most expensive addresses in the world. At an incredible 27 stories and $1 billion, the Antila is one of the biggest and most expensive properties in the world.

Some of its key selling points are that it has multiple floors dedicated just for cars, the Ambani family has enough space to cosily fit 168 vehicles – more than your standard driveway. It also includes 3 helipads in case you decide to arrive via air, a temple, gardens, ballroom and a home cinema that seats up to 50 people.

Tour Odeon In Monte Carlo

Labelled as the worlds most expensive penthouse, the Tour Odeon in Monte Carlo is home to many reputable celebrities and influencers. Complete with stunning daylit views of the coastline, the view changes to a stunning lit city in the evenings. Selling for $400 million it can be difficult to find an opening with any of the apartments at the Tour Odeon, especially the luxury suite located at the top of the 560ft skyscraper.

It’s the second tallest building on the Mediterranean skyline, offering 360-degree views of the sea and beaches, as well as a rooftop infinity pool complete with a state of the art water-slide for ultimate thrill seekers.

Fleur De Lys In Los Angeles

At an incredible $102 million this prestige property was inspired and modelled based on the French Vaux Le Vitcome. Complete with a 3000 square foot wine cellar and tasting room, a 2 story library, cutlery room, ballroom, swimming pool, spa and tennis courts the Fleur De Lys is an incredible property that has been home to plenty of high profile homeowners and has even been featured in the film “The Green Hornet”.

Kensington Palace Gardens In London

Known as the most expensive place to live in the UK of course the properties have to be luxury and expensive in pricing. Kensington is known as the most expensive address in the UK, so its £89.4 million homes pricing matches this statistic.

The Kensington Palace Garden property is located on the “billionaires row” which is filled with renown business people, influencers and celebrities. Complete with 55,000 square feet of space, 12 bedrooms, a Turkish bath, swimming pool, picture gallery and ballroom this high-end property is a steal for the filthy rich.

This street is home to some of the most high profile people in the world, meaning that there is, of course, a high scale security base, located at each end of the road. Prince William and Kate are among the high profile residents, meaning that there is always constant surveillance.

Visit Some Of The Best Homes In The World

Although you may not be permitted to tour somebody’s home, these properties can be found in most locations across the world. So if your passion is in home design and luxury property interior then there are plenty of locations to visit for inspiration, why not incorporate some of these niche ideas into your own property? Ask your builders Towcester on advice for how they can help you create your perfect property.

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