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A bathroom is a necessity in the home, and the location, dimensions and style of the main bathroom is often a deal breaker when house-hunting. Regardless of size, the majority of houses, both traditional and modern, come equipped with just one master bathroom and on rare occasions,  an en-suite or downstairs toilet. Due to the unlikely addition of a second bathroom in properties, many homeowners take it upon themselves to begin the process of building an extra bathroom.

Why Consider Building An Extra Bathroom?

Although the process of adding an extra bathroom to the home may be somewhat tedious and time-consuming, the plethora of fantastic benefits you can enjoy in years to come most definitely counteract the original time and cost required. With years of experience providing clients with additional living space and building home extensions in Milton Keynes, we recognise that there are a number of necessary steps you must carry out to ensure that you install a fully-functioning, safe bathroom.

Although bathroom installation can be completed independently, we strongly recommend enlisting the help of a professional domestic plumber to ensure that your existing boiler is capable of working that little bit extra to provide hot water to a second bathroom. It is also imperative to check whether you require planning permission to begin home renovations. In rented properties, local authorities often have to give permission to tenants to make any alterations due to strict ventilation, drainage and electrical safety regulations.

If you’re considering whether you should add an extra bathroom to your home, then we have devised a list of the top benefits to help you to make your decision.

Adds Property Value

Particularly when it comes to larger families, a home with multiple bathrooms, even if this may be an additional toilet, will always overshadow a property with just one bathroom. According to Express, research states that around 70% of experienced estate agents strongly believe that the addition of an extra bathroom will significantly contribute to selling a property quicker. If the second bathroom has been strategically placed in a location that does not compromise another important room in the property, it is also thought to increase your property value by at least 5% depending on where in the country you live. On average, 5% of a property’s value will be guaranteed to add an extra £12,000, which proves incredibly beneficial if you’re hoping to upscale your next property.

With this in mind, an extra bathroom becomes one of the most cost-effective major home improvements and is guaranteed to provide you with a return on investment. For more fantastic ways to add value to your home, take a look at this handy Homebuilding & Renovating article!

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Put Wasted Space To Good Use

As mentioned above, ideally, the location of your extra bathroom should be based on areas that have been, until now, unused space that is going to waste. Avoid forcing an additional bathroom into a space that is not only going to be inconvenient but also going to mean that you have to go without a room that you regularly put to good use. Opting, instead, to utilise an empty space will allow you to enjoy your useful addition more and improve your quality of living.

When deciding on the perfect space to build your second bathroom, you would be surprised at how little space you actually need. An area as small as three feet by five feet allows plenty of room for an easy-to-access additional toilet with sink. If you are able to upsize a little to three feet by eight feet, then you could also add in an enclosed shower.

Thanks to the minimal space required to add another bathroom, there are many different ideas on where you can fit your extra room. Many property owners who have multiple large bedrooms opt for downsizing a bedroom to add in an en-suite, or alternatively, convert their walk-in closet into one. If you are limited to bedroom space and do not want to give up valuable living space, then why not consider unused areas such as under the staircase or the end of the hallway? For more inspiration on places to add an extra bathroom, take a look at Victoriana Magazine.

Allows Creativity

When deciding on the fixtures and decor for your main bathroom, it is common for homeowners to stick to a neutral colour scheme that is easy to keep clean and uncluttered. The main bathroom is used the most, which means that it must appeal to all those living in the home. On the other hand, your second bathroom allows you to become considerably more creative and think outside of the box. All of the amenities and necessities will be included in your main bathroom, which means that your additional room can consist of all the quirky ideas you were initially reluctant to add.

Particularly if building an en-suite, the room can be entirely tailored to the individual living in the bedroom attached. For those who prefer showers over baths, you could exclude the need for a bath altogether and instead, build a shower room featuring a larger waterfall shower. Whereas if you look forward to a relaxing soak in the bath at the end of a long day, opt for a luxury freestanding bath with storage for your favourite bath bombs.

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Will Always Be Convenient

An additional bathroom will never go out of style and will always come in handy in the years to come. When fitting an extra bathroom downstairs, no longer will you have the hassle of rushing upstairs during ad breaks or having to direct guests to the upstairs bathroom during dinner parties; you will always have the convenience of a bathroom just around the corner. Not only is a downstairs bathroom beneficial in the present day, but also in the future. It is perfect for improving access for the elderly to avoid the stress of having to walk up and down stairs constantly.

Perfect For A Growing Family

The bathroom is the only room in the home that is guaranteed to be used daily by every member of the family, which can prove rather frustrating for a growing family. Those who live in a home with more than one child trying to get ready for the school in the morning, fighting over the shower and waiting patiently to brush their teeth, will know how much of an extra bathroom would prove to be a lifesaver. Adding an additional bathroom will allow every family member to enjoy their own space, ultimately, avoiding arguments and rushing around when the time is limited.

If you’re currently living with just your partner, however, planning to start a family at some point in the next few years, then you may want to consider future-proofing your home. Making any necessary improvements to your home in advance will allow you to save both time and money in the future, along with causing less disruption. Renovating your home and beginning construction projects will be considerably easier when you do not have small children pottering about or extra fees to pay out for an additional family member.

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Enhanced Privacy

One of the most desirable benefits of fitting an extra bathroom in the home is simply the ability to relax in peace and quiet. Having an additional bathroom means that you are less likely to have to share, therefore, maximising privacy. If you love to spend half an hour in the evening unwinding in a relaxing bath, you will be free to do so without anyone banging on the door demanding access as they desperately need the toilet; particularly handy if you have children who are always joined to you at the hip!

Not only can you relax undisturbed in an additional bathroom, but it also gives you the opportunity to store all of your belongings without the worry of them being used without permission. When building an en-suite, it allows you to organise all of your products in an order that is best suited to you. No longer do you have to store everything away because of other family members who claim that your products make the main bathroom seem cluttered and untidy.

Ideal For Regular Guests

Many property owners adore being the hosts to regular guests, whether this may be family members travelling from afar to stay for the weekend or friends enjoying a meal on a Saturday evening.

A great benefit of building an extra bathroom is that you will be considerably more prepared for guests. Although it is often unconsidered, guests are likely to feel a little more comfortable and settle quicker if they know that they will not be disturbing your daily routine when they come to stay. Everyone has experienced the awkward situation of needing to use an occupied bathroom, so this can be avoided altogether with the addition of a second bathroom.

If you are inviting guests to stay at your home for the first time, you may want to consider adding extra towels, toiletries and washcloths to your bathroom for them to use – thoughtful extra touches go a long way!

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Build The Ideal Extra Bathroom!

Opting to build an extra bathroom in your home comes alongside a plethora of fantastic benefits, not only to improve your property, but also your lifestyle. It is a home renovation that you can guarantee will never be wasted and will also be used in the years to come meaning that you will most definitely enjoy a return on investment.

If you only have a small space available in your home to transform into an extra bathroom, then it is likely that all components and furnishings will have to be built bespoke to your property. In this instance, we highly recommend getting in touch with one of our carpenters in Milton Keynes, who will be able to advise you on the best plan of action to maximise results.