Couple Moving House

Moving home can be a big event in your life, your house is the place where unforgettable memories will be made and sometimes it can be hard to let go of them memories when you move house.

What Are The Benefits Of Moving House?

When you move into your first home that you have paid for then it’s a milestone in your life, you’ve saved the money to purchase this property, and you should celebrate. Moving home is fantastic as it gives you personal space to enjoy some me time and it allows you to set the rules for yourself (a change from your parents). But in this day and age, the prices of properties are slowly rising so you should make sure that you save money and give yourself the time to save up so that you don’t have any issues during the process.

Another benefit of moving home is your family; you can start a family and not have any worries about space or causing any problems. So there are a few benefits, but how do you know when you’re ready and what are the signs that you and your family should sell up and move to a different property? We’ve devised a list of the main signs that occur when you should sell up and move home – so keep reading to find out!

1. Job Opportunities

Some opportunities just can’t be turned down, as one of the most popular causes of moving home is job opportunities, it can mean that you and your family have to move to an entirely different country. Although this can be long winded and difficult to do, it will be worth it in the end.

And although your children may not want to leave their friends or schools you need to think about income and what is best for the entire family, and also the opportunities and memories that this could provide for you and your family. Of course, you do not have to take a job opportunity, and you should discuss between the entire household before any decisions are made – after all you do all live together.

2. Your Ever-growing Family

Like we mentioned earlier, if you do decide to move home for whatever reason, then you should discuss with your entire household, or it is unfair to spring it on them. If you are only just starting your family then you may want to consider buying a new home, if you are going to be having children, then you need bedrooms, playrooms and a garden for them to get fresh air.

And then as they get older you need more space for them to spend time of their own, bigger bedrooms, study and work areas. If you don’t already have that space or you’re running low on living space then you may want to consider moving home or having a home extension Buckingham.

3. Empty Rooms

OR if you’re at the end of that stage then you may want to downgrade your home, when children leave for university, you may have a few empty bedrooms collecting dust – which more often than not become storage rooms where you can leave all your unused possessions.

So, of course, it’s nice to have spare room for when they do come down to visit or for guests and friends and family members, but that doesn’t mean to say that you need to have 3 spare bedrooms sitting there. If you do have room to spare, then it’s worth looking into home conversion and converting an extra room into something like an office or even downgrading your home.

4. Upgrading

If you’ve just received a promotion at work recently and they’re recognising your hard work – meaning that you have more money in the bank, then you may want to consider simply upgrading your home for yourself. Things that don’t come with typical homes such as land, swimming pools, basement conversions may be possible in an upgraded home.

So if you’re looking for a brand new swanky residence, then it’s worth having a look online or taking a trip down to the estate agents.

Read this article for the ultimate moving home checklist!

5. Retirement

If your years of hard work have finally come to an end and you are about to take some time for yourself, then this could be the perfect time to move home. If you make a list of your hobbies and interests and number them from most favourite to least, then you can find a property that is within a distance of all of these activities meaning that you have easy access to them and won’t be bored.

Or maybe you wanted to move away to a tropical setting when you retire; it’s never too late for you to see the world so why not looks for properties in other countries and make it so that you and you’re significant other can spend some time relaxing in the heat and trying new things.

6. Community Issues

Issues and problems within the community around you are amongst one of the other most popular reasons that people move out of their neighbourhood. Things like irritable neighbours, loudness and partying, and increase crime rate can be enough to deter any potential neighbours. So if your neighbours are up all night partying, have loud barking dogs or are very argumentative then it’s probably a good idea to move out of there ASAP.

7. Shorter Commute

Do you feel like you go to work, travel home and then go to sleep? Family are one of the most important things in your life so you must ensure that you make time for them – yes your job is also essential but lacking time spent with your family is enough to make anyone irritable. Young children need their parents around constantly so moving house closer to your work may be a sacrifice that you have to take in order to be able to spend enough time with them.

There is also the cost aspect, if you work in central London then yes you will get paid more, however trains and busses can eat a massive chunk out of your wages so maybe moving closer to your work may be more cost effective over time.


So there are many reasons that you may need or want to move house, a lot of people simply want to escape the rainy, windy English weather and retreat to a tropical escape for a few weeks before returning home and then moving house. If you wanted to move house but can’t find the one for you then you can always consider a new build home, simply ask our builders Milton Keynes for more information!

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