Piggy Bank

Saving is a task that everybody finds troublesome, sometimes things are just too tempting. The jacket you’ve been waiting to come back in stock may have suddenly appeared back online, and you simply have to have it.

Of course, there is no issue in treating yourself, but there has to be a limit, which is when you might need saving tips in order to help you save all year round.

Why Use Saving Tips?

You might need to save for plenty of reasons, a big family holiday, for a deposit or a new car. The problem is that these large-scale costs can end up breaking the bank if left last minute or if they spring up out of the blue, which is why even if you do not have anything to save for it’s still a good idea just to keep you and your family covered.

If you are somebody that is in debt due to credit, then it’s a good idea to save a certain amount monthly to ensure that you can be completely paid out of your debts. Fortunately saving up your hard earned cash after payday can be really difficult for some people – including myself. So instead of forking out money into savings accounts each month, then why not try and save money on things from home that you use in order to leave you left over with cash for whatever you need it for. So if you’re interested – then keep reading!

Sell Your Clutter

One of the best ways to make a bit of extra cash on the side involves selling old possessions; it also kills two birds in one stone by getting a great deep cleanse of your garage or loft space. Also, you never know whats in your loft, what someone gave you years ago as a gift could now be a highly sought after item worth thousands – so do your research!

Whats, one person’s trash, is another’s treasure, so it’s not a bad thing to sell your clutter, and this doesn’t have to be popular items. Things like old childhood games and figurines are so popular online in this day and age as they have been discontinued or are rare so if you aren’t someone who hoards possessions ten you could strike a goldmine.

Convert Instead Of Moving

Although this may seem like a strange point, it can help you when moving home in future years. Although home extensions Towcester may seem costly it’s a worthwhile investment, by saving up for an extension like this you immediately add on a big chunk of profit onto your existing property while also solving the issue of needing extra space. So when coming to buy your next home in the upcoming years, you have a stronger budget to decide on the perfect property for you and your family.

As well as this converting is easier than moving home, although extending your property can cause a level of disturbance moving home can take months preparation as well as unpacking possessions and making sure your property is in perfect condition.

Consider Pay As You Go

Ask yourself, do you need a mobile contract? A lot of mobile phone companies tie you into 24-month contracts for a set price, when you don’t even need all of the stuff they’re giving you. So really, you’re paying for wasted services, if you’re not using up your monthly data allowance and find yourself using the house phone more than your mobile, then it might be time to make a change.

Pay as you go mobiles allow you to simply pay the upfront cost of the mobile, and then top up your phone with credit to make calls, texts or surf the internet whenever you need to.

Make A Shopping List – And Stick To It

It’s easy to get deterred from the main task at hand when shopping, you see a huge box of chocolates on offer and the temptation is too great. But you must make sure you stick to your guns, on small snacky items you buy over the course of a few months you waste an unreal amount of money. Supermarkets will continuously put things on offer to make you think you’re grabbing a quick bargain, but in all honesty, you aren’t saving money you’re wasting it on supplies that are not necessary.

So at the beginning of the week or the day before you do the big food shop, devise a list combined with the say from every member of your family. Make set dinners and write down the ingredients on what you need for what dish to avoid buying food that will be wasted or will go out of date before it has the chance to be used.

The idea of the shopping list is to ensure that you stick to all of the essentials and to deter you from making any unnecessary purchases of the things that shops display in your face to tempt you.

Ditch Unused Memberships

As much as you might want to join the gym as your new year’s resolution, sometimes there simply isn’t enough hours in day after or before work. So if you enrolled, and haven’t yet been after a few months then make sure you cancel the membership.

GYm memberships do not keep a record of how much you attend, once you have paid the joining fee they usually suggest setting up a monthly direct debit for the cost to avoid any unpaid costs. This is a good idea, but it’s also very easy for this to slip under the radar and become buried under the other incomings and outgoings in your bank account.

Start Saving Today

So now it’s time for you to take a stand and save money throughout the year on things you don’t even realise cost you money! Stick to these top tips and saving money will become a breeze, builders Buckingham can help you with any decisions on improving or extending your home so for more information then contact them.

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