Modern Driveway

Driveways are usually one of the first things people see when approaching your house, so having a driveway that isn’t the most appealing it can leave people with the wrong first impression which isn’t the best. Which is why refurbishing your driveway in Milton Keynes could be the best possible option for your property.


If you have cracks in your driveway that you would like to get rid of due to it being un-appealing or you simply just want to fix it. To do so, you would have to pressure wash the crack and around to get rid of any bits that could ruin the appearance of the after look. After this, brush down the surface with a broom to ensure that these bits are gone. Next, find some driveway filler, which is usually found in DIY shops and fill the crack or cracks generously. Using a scraper to get rid of excess filler to ensure that it doesn’t dry in an awkward shape.


If the colour of your driveway has changed due to the sun or any other reasons, then this is the best quick fix solution for you. Simply wash down your driveway with a pressure washer, then pour tarmac paint over your driveway bit by bit and roll in with an appropriate roller. Until your driveway is all one colour.

Oil Stains

Having an oil stain on your driveway can be irritating as they are hard to remove, but if you take a small bit of time and follow some simple tips then they will disappear in no time. All by using a scrub brush and some oil remover, found at your local supermarket. Pour the oil remover over the stain and scrub with the scrub brush, this should make a foamy substance. Wash thoroughly with a pressure washer until all of this substance has gone. After this has dried, your stain should be gone. If not, repeat the previous steps above until they have gone.

Customer review in Milton Keynes

“My driveway in Milton Keynes was a mess, I contacted Go Large and everything was started within 2 weeks! My driveway now looks amazing! Thank you so much to Tom and the Team who helped me and informed me every step of the way!”