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Whether you have recently moved into a new home or are just wanting a change within your existing property, embarking on interior design projects of any kind is an exciting prospect. Although you may have plans for several different rooms in your house, the master bedroom is one that usually takes precedent. As a place that we spend a considerable amount of time in; sleeping, changing and relaxing in, the master bedroom should be a space that reflects our personality and one that we feel comfortable in.

If you’re currently looking for master bedroom makeover ideas, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite design ideas so that you can get some inspiration.

Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas By Trend

With an everchanging list of interior design trends, it can hard to keep up or know which one to go for. There are definitely a few that stand the test of time and come back year after year, while others are a little more fleeting, fading into oblivion once the next fad appears. We’ve identified a range of trends that continue to be popular and would look fabulous if applied to a master bedroom. Work your way through each and decide which one takes your fancy; we’ll give you loads of tips on ways in which you can implement them within your own room, from furniture and colours to accessories and wallpapers – so you’ll never be short of ideas.


This trend has been around for some time and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Get back to nature and embrace natural materials by opting for a rustic design within your master bedroom. There are so many ways in which you can do this, no matter what your budget may be. If you’re particularly creative, this trend offers great opportunities to carry out a little DIY and really make it your own.

The first thing that probably springs to mind when thinking about a rustic design, is wood. Whether it’s authentically reclaimed or more artificial in nature, wooden pieces have got to be the cornerstone of this particular trend. Why not create a focal point by making your very own wooden pallet bed? Although it will take some time and effort, if you’re on a budget, this could be a great way to keep the costs down when kitting out your master bedroom. enviromate have a great article on the many ways in which this can be done, along with some stunning examples. Take a look at this youtube tutorial on making your very own pallet bed, from Observer Media Group.

If you want to splash out on something really uniqually rustic, and are perhaps extending or doing a complete refurb, why not look into reclaimed wooden doors? The range that English Salvage continually update and have on offer are truly rustic and completely unique, allowing you to create a huge impact through one single piece.

If your budget won’t stretch this far, or perhaps you’re wanting something a little more subtle, wallpapers are a great way to implement this trend. Victorian Plumbing have a selection of wooden plank wallpapers, which would look amazing as a statement wall and give your master bedroom a true rustic vibe.

For many more ideas on ways to incorporate the rustic trend, take a look at this article from The Spruce for 22 rustic bedroom ideas.
Rustic Bedroom


When used correctly, geometric patterns can create an amazing aesthetic, particularly when incorporated through a statement piece. Many people can be put off by this trend, due to the bold patterns that geometric designs commonly present – but when done right, this trend can look amazing. The trick is to not overload the room with too many clashing geometric designs, and instead, use them sparingly and subtly.

This could be done through a number of small accessories, some geometric bedsheets perhaps, or a statement wall covered in a bold patterned design. Any of these wallpapers from I Love Wallpaper for example, demonstrate the geometric trend perfectly. Pair any of these with minimal furniture and accessories, letting the statement wall do the talking instead of filling the room with lots of other geometric patterns.

Alternatively, if you’re not quite brave enough to cover a whole wall with a bold patterned design, opt to keep the backdrop minimal and fill the bedroom with geometric accessories instead. Take a look at all of these ideas from many makers within the Etsy community to get a good idea on all of the things available. For more amazingly eye-catching ways to create a geometric master bedroom, take a look at this article from Digs Digs.


This isn’t for everyone but looks amazing when put into practice. The mismatched trend tends to be done in more subtle ways, such as by buying two completely different bedside tables or lamps – so is surprisingly easy to replicate if this one is for you. The mismatched trend is perfect for those who don’t want to commit to a single trend or who’d prefer their master bedroom to look a little more unique. Why not cover your bed with a range of pillows in completely different patterns and colours, or buy a floral headboard that sits against a black statement wall. By creating a contrast and using a number of different trends in the right way, your master bedroom will emanate a definite ‘wow-factor’.

Before you go out and start buying any old thing, take a moment to consider what will work together – as although it’ll be mismatched, it still has to form a cohesive overall aesthetic. Hunker have a great article on ways you can make your mismatched bedroom furniture match – which seems a little contradictory but is well worth a read before going with this trend.
Mismatched Bedroom


We don’t think this trend will ever disappear, and rightly so! Vintage tends to be a bit of a buzz word nowadays but remains a popular choice when thinking about interior design. The immense popularity of repurposing older items and buying pre-loved pieces makes this a great trend to apply to your master bedroom – particularly if you’re on a budget. The vintage trend can be brought to life within your bedroom through textures, colours and patterns so easily. Take these cushions from Kimberley Dawn as a great example; the floral patterns and fabrics would immediately create a vintage feel – paired with a soft cotton bread spread, you can’t go wrong!

Ideal Home have an article dedicated to creating a vintage bedroom. We love the idea of creating a farmhouse and country cottage style room, by using a retro white metal bed and floral patchwork patterns.


If you’re wanting your bedroom to replicate a trendy Midtown New York loft flat or just be a little more urban, this trend is for you. The industrial trend has snowballed in recent years and incorporates neutral tones set against concrete and brick backdrops; add a little bit of steel piping in there and you’ve nailed it! While it may sound like you’d have to turn your bedroom into some kind of warehouse to achieve this particular trend, don’t worry, this isn’t the case! It’s easy to create an edgy industrial vibe within your master bedroom by picking the right pieces.

By setting the tone of the room with an eye-catching backdrop, you can begin to build on the trend with additional small pieces. The perfect wallpapers to use would be a brick or concrete effect, like these from Dunelm and Allen Braithwaite.

Look for furniture that incorporates black piping or worn metal to complete the look, such as any of these pieces from Maison Du Monde. Check out how others have brought the industrial trend to life in this article from houzz.

industrial bedroom

Let The Makeover Commence!

While we’ve only covered 5 different trends, we’re sure you’ll agree that each and every one would look amazing brought to life within a master bedroom. Having worked as builders in Milton Keynes for many years now, we have seen our fair share of master bedrooms! We reguarly build home extensions in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas for clients who are creating brand new spaces for their master bedroom, so if this applies to you and you’ve got a completely blank canvas – we hope you’re now full of lots of inspiration!

Leave us a comment below with your master bedroom design ideas or if any of the above have caught your eye – we love to see what people do with their new or existing spaces. Know anyone looking for some interior design inspiration? Why not share this article on social media and give them a great starting point.