Eco Friendly House

Environmental issues are becoming huge in the media; global warming is quickly worsening, so it’s becoming a priority for people to start looking after the planet we live on, you can help out by ensuring you live in an eco-friendly house.

What Is An Eco-Friendly House?

An eco-friendly house is where the family living in the property take extra precautions to ensure that they are environmentally friendly with most of the things they do in their home. This involves a variety of things carried out by themselves rather than appliances that help you in doing this.

Global warming is worsening at an alarming rate, so the media are pushing environmentally friendly practices in the news to influence the public. Want to do your part for the environment? Look no further; this article is going to give you some top tips on how you can easily make your home eco-friendly while saving money, so keep reading!

Unplug Your Unused Appliances

On average homeowners in the UK leave their televisions on standby for 17 hours a day. Not only is this wasting your money but it’s also causing a hazard within your home, hundreds of house fires are started through home appliances that have been left plugged in throughout the day. After receiving unnecessary energy throughout the day, it is easy for the energy to build up to a point where it sets fire, which is extremely dangerous for you and your family.

We waste copious amounts of electricity by leaving appliances on standby plugged in, which can send your electricity bills sky high, so be sure to either unplug your appliances or to switch them off at the wall.

Winter Get-Togethers

Use this winter as the perfect excuse for you and your family to have a get-together; a single person can generate the same heat as a 500w heater! Whether it be a special occasion or a broken down boiler get all of your favourite people around and have fun!

Friends At Dinner Party

Get Double Glazed Windows

Although it’s very unlikely for your home to still have single paned windows, it is possible, so double check! Double glazed windows do not only protect your home from losing copious amounts of heat, but they can even add extra value to your home.

Double glazed windows have an airtight seal between two thick panes of glass; this airtight gap stops cold air from the outside making its way into your home, meaning you need less heating and can save on your energy bills! If you want extra security, then there are even triple glazed windows available for purchase!

Grow Plants

Dependant on where you live, it might be difficult to get good ventilation and clean air in your home, you could live near a factory, or in the middle of the countryside and the air quality could still be awful. One way to fix this issue as well as save our planet would be to grow your own plants, whether it be sunflowers, roses, orchids or lillies, they’re going to dramatically improve the purity of the air.

If you don’t think that horticulture is your strong point, then you can just invest in an air purifier. However, this is not an eco-friendly method.

Cuddle Up With Your Pets

According to research, around 13% of the population in the UK have cuddled up to their dogs or cats to keep them warm during the winter months, to help them save some extra cash on the side. It might seem hard to believe but just like humans, animals can generate the same amount of heat energy as us.

Companions such as dogs, cats and even rabbits and guinea pigs are fantastic at producing natural body heat when it can sometimes get cold during the winter months, so show your pet some love.

Woman With Dog

Utilise Your Microwave

Unbelievably, a microwave uses 50% less energy than your cooker! Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should balance your diet around microwave meals, but it’s worth knowing that there are plenty of foods that can be prepared by using the microwave. If you are a fan of pasta, then there are a lot of pasta packs that can be prepared by using hot water and a microwave, as well as this you can make microwave cakes, rice and plenty more! Check out this article for the best microwave recipes!

Replace Your Lightbulbs

Although it’s unlikely, if you have any outdated light bulbs then you should definitely replace them right away, they have been banned from being sold within the UK and the rest of the EU. This is not only due to the inefficiency of the amount of light that they produce, but it’s also because they cannot be recycled.

Since this new law was brought into place, LED light bulbs have become the latest trend used in most homes, businesses and even cars. LED bulbs are recyclable and produce a shocking 89% more light energy than an average light bulb, they are affordable and have proven extremely popular being used in art, shop floors and for public displays.

Try To Shower Over Bathing

This can be dependant on how carried away you get in the shower; a typical standard shower uses around 5 gallons of fast pumped water a minute. Whereas a bath takes on average 36 gallons of water to fill, although this may differ depending on the size of your bath.

So an entire bath uses the same amount of water as a 7-minute shower, by showering you are able to control the amount of water you use in a short amount of time as opposed to a bath that must be a certain level. If your entire family each had a bath every day, you are averaging between 36 – 200 gallons a day which is a tremendous water usage.



One of the simplest eco-friendly things that can be carried out regularly in your home is recycling. Recycling is a global thing, and is encouraged in almost every country, due to the immense effect that recycling has on our carbon footprint. Although recycling your rubbish seems like it’s only something small in a whole ocean of things you can do, it has one of the most significant impacts, and if carried out throughout the entire world, can be the key to preventing global warming.

All of your rubbish that is not recycled is left in landfills, or is burned if it can be. Landfills are commonly used for things that can not be burnt or will not decompose, meaning that rubbish will collect up in locations for hundreds of years with nowhere else to put it. In addition to this, when organic materials and scraps of food are left to fester in a landfill, it’s typically compacted and covered. This removes all of the oxygen and breaks it down through something called the anaerobic process. Over a prolonged period of time, this ends up releasing methane, which is a toxic greenhouse gas that is 25 times worse than Carbon Dioxide.

Recycling is simple, if you’re unsure whether or not you can recycle a piece of rubbish, simply check on the back and look for the recycle symbol. This symbol is simply 3 arrows in the shape of a triangle that are pointing in a clockwise direction.

Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Insulated

Although homeowners typically ensure that they have double glazed windows and central heating, cavity wall insulation, as well as loft insulation, is often forgotten. It’s a well known scientific fact that heat rises, meaning that if your loft is not insulated, then you could be losing copious amounts of heating through your loft.

Loft and cavity wall insulation is a relatively cost-effective investment, and although it will involve you spending some of your own money, you are guaranteed to see a return on investment through saving money on your energy bills. On average in your first year of having loft and cavity wall insulation, you could see a return on investment of around £250-£300.

Keep Your Boiler Regularly Serviced

Boilers are an extremely vital component of your home to keep it in working order, and to keep it adequately heated throughout the winter months. As well as being efficient in your home, during the Winter months it’s absolutely essential that it works to keep you and your family warm.

If your boiler is to break down in the Winter, you are guaranteed to know about it and could spend some evenings huddled up in blankets. As your boiler is so inactive during the summer, it’s unfortunately more prone to breaking down in the Winter. This is bad news, as we understand how frustrating it can be that when you jump in a cold shower before work, it can be extremely irritating. Although you can reduce the chance of this happening by ensuring that your boiler receives regular maintenance. Regular maintenance allows for a plumber to locate any faults or defects that could affect its efficiency.

Faulty boilers don’t only affect your energy bills; they have a substantial, everlasting impact on the environment. If your boiler is working overtime to heat your home efficiently, it’s going to be using more energy and releasing more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that are poisoning it. There is also the safety aspect; faulty boilers have the potential to release toxic gases that do not only poison the environment, but also humans. Carbon Monoxide is often released by faulty boilers and kills numerous people each year. It takes the oxygen out of your bloodstream and in effect suffocates you. It is important that awareness is raised to homeowners for their own good, as well as to save the planet from global warming.

Talking To Builder

Talk To Your Home Renovators

The aftermath of house extensions Milton Keynes may result in extensive rubbish leftover and materials that need to be discarded. Although this is generally out of your hands and is carried out by the construction company, it’s essential that you are aware of what happens to the discarded materials.

A lot of building and construction companies tend to discard materials in some form of landfill, although this is bad for the environment and doesn’t allow them to be recycled. A lot of construction companies see it as a pain to go out of their way to make arrangements for materials to be dropped off and reused, so they tend just to dump it. However, a lot of these could be reused easily enough in other construction jobs or for alternative use. Wood, metals and even plastics are useful resources and could be sought after by some people. At Go Large, we recycle our waste and ensure that after all of our jobs we do a deep clean to make it look as if we weren’t even there.

Make Your Home Green Today!

So now it’s your turn to do something for our planet, by abiding by these simple rules you can make a dramatic difference not only to the planet but also to your energy, water and electric bills! Ask your builders Milton Keynes today for advice on home extensions and how you can produce an eco-friendly property. For more information on our patios Towcester, please feel free to call us today!

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