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Millions of people suffer from the dread hayfever which plagues most of us daily – especially during the hot summer months. It’s difficult to stop pollen during the glorious summer weather, but it is in fact possible.

How Can I Stop Pollen In My Home?

There are numerous ways that you can prevent pollen in your property. Some simpler than others, so you might have to tailor some of these prevention tips dependant on your circumstances. For instance, pet owners may find it slightly more challenging to eliminate pollen in their home entirely. Pets have long fur that pollen clings to, if your pet is outside in the grass or near the flowers rolling around, they are going to pick up pollen in their coats.

When they come back into your home and lay down, the pollen from their fur is going to come off onto anything they touch. But unfortunately, this is out of your control so can make getting rid of pollen within your property harder – although there are ways around it. So if your looking for a solution on irradicating pollen from your property, look no further. We’ve devised a list of things you can do to minimise the amount of pollen in your home.

Take Your Shoes Off At The Door

Start off simple, remember after going out anywhere to always take your shoes off on the doormat and leave them there.

After going out, even if you are just walking around town or going shopping, from other people as well as the outside pollen is everywhere. Just like it naturally makes its way into your home, it makes its way into supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and just about everywhere else.

The grips on the bottom of your shoes are the perfect hiding place for pollen particles. And once you walk around your home with shoes on, you will spread the pollen particles around. Take your shoes off at the front door and leave them there, using antibacterial or baby wipes, wipe them down when you have a spare moment.

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Try And Keep The Doors And Windows Closed

Although this is most likely very difficult to do when trying to enjoy the summer sunshine, it can save you from pollen entering your home and starting off your allergies.

By opening your windows and doors, the breeze can blow in a significant amount of pollen particles. Which then settle in your home on all surfaces. If you have a home extension or are currently in the process, ask your builders Towcester if they are in contact with anyone who can install anti-pollen windscreens onto your windows.

Regularly Groom Your Pets

If you have any pets, it’s important that during the summer you keep them well groomed. As we previously mentioned, pollen particles easily become entangled in your pet’s fur.

In order to prevent this from happening, you should wash your pets regularly to remove any dirt, grime or pollen from their coats. If you really want to reduce the amount of pollen your pet brings into your home, use a pet shampoo such as Pet+ Oatmeal Dog Shampoo.

As well as this, you can send your pet to the groomers for a haircut. Shorter hair dogs carry less pollen as it’s harder to stick.

Keep Your Grass Mowed

Although you might not think it, just like every other plant grass flowers. Because of this, grass released pollen into the atmosphere. If you have a large garden, then that’s a lot of pollen.

Grass only pollens when it reaches a certain age and length. So by continually keeping on top of the length of the grass in your garden and ensuring that it is cut daily, the grass cannot produce pollen.

If you don’t have the time to this alongside your busy day to day life, why not hire a gardener? The service is affordable and saves you the hassle of cutting the grass, as well as dramatically reducing your allergies. Or have landscaping in your garden to improve its overall appearance for the summer while also irradicating allergens.

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Wash Your Hair Before Bed

If you have been out and about during the day, when you come home it’s a good idea to wash your hair before getting into your pyjamas or bed. Unfortunately, just like animals, our hair on our heads has the perfect texture for pollen particles to stick to.

Pollen in the air will make its way into your hair and stay stuck there until it’s washed out. If you get into bed with pollen particles in your hair, they will make their way onto your pillows, duvet and mattress topper which can be extremely challenging to remove.

Tumble Dry Or Clothes Horse Your Clean Clothes

As tempting as it may be to put your wet clothes in the garden during the glorious weather, it could cause you issues from pollen.

Tumble dryers have the ability to eliminate pollen particles entirely due to the tumbling system as well as the high temperature your clothes are dried at. A clothes horse is a cost-effective option that allows you to dry your clothes naturally from the comfort of your own home. Although, if you don’t have a utility room or spare room it could get slightly in the way.

Purchase An Air Purifier

Air purifiers are used all year round by thousands of people. It improves your property’s air quality and makes it fresher to breathe in and feel cleaner.

Air purifiers take in the pollen from the air so that you don’t breathe it in. It’s fantastic as on a large scale it can irradicate all pollen inside your home.

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Stop Pollen In Your Home Today!

As we can all agree, even if you aren’t an awful sufferer of hayfever it is annoying and causes some irritable side effects. By using these top tips, you can reduce the impact of your hayfever and get on with your day to day life unphased.

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