Modern Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in our home, which is one of the reasons why you should revamp your bathroom. We use them every day and therefore, need to make sure that they are constantly organised and clean.

Why Revamp Your Bathroom?

Revamping your bathroom not only makes your bathroom neater and more organised, but it also adds home value to your property. It is estimated that a bathroom that costs around £5000 can add another £2500 onto your property, meaning in technical terms that you would see a return of approximately 50% return on investment.

Not all bathrooms have both a bath and a shower; maybe you want the choice of this luxury? One way of revamping your bathroom is a new bath or shower, a lot of people tend to splash the cash on this as it is useful for them and can help them to relax and unwind. If you want to find out how you can revamp your bathroom, we’ve devised a list of ideas to help you update your bathroom – so keep reading!

Paint Or Tile

One of the most common design methods in a bathroom is tiling. Tiling is available in a variety of colours and design patterns to fit a variety of bathroom designs. Monochrome, granite, charcoal and wooden tiles are typically used to meet a modernised design theme. Whereas vinyl and rightly coloured tiles generally are used in more relaxed designs and commonly are found in a lot of retro-themed bathrooms.

If you decide to paint your bathroom, be sure to use a paint primer and specialised paint that can cope in damp environments. Simply because when paint is exposed to vast amounts of water vapour and damp it can begin to peel, crack and fade. And water and steam are common in bathrooms so be sure to use waterproof paint, or seek help in your local hardware store from a professional. In the meantime, take a look at the fantastic bathroom tile ideas for some inspiration on what you want in your bathroom.

Invest In A New Floor

Tiles aren’t only used on walls in bathrooms; you could cover your bathroom head to toe in tiles on the walls and floor if you really wanted to. Tiling on the floor is maybe not the best idea if you have small children as they can be extremely hard and cold when putting them in or getting them out of the bath. Take the overall design of your bathroom into account and try to match your walls with your flooring, also remember that tiles can be slightly more costly dependant on the size and design you want.

If you want a contemporary theme in your bathroom, opt for something sleek like granite or wooden and opt for dark colours paired with white or cream. For a more relaxed or vibrant design choose colourful tiles that match the rest of your decor items in your bathroom such as shower curtain, towels or bathroom matt.

Get A New Bath Or Shower

A new bath or shower can transform your bathroom entirely. If you have only one or the other, as we mentioned earlier why don’t you invest in installing both in your property? This works in favour of your own comfort and also increases the value of your home. A bath is fantastic for relaxation, teamed with bubbles and your favourite bathroom essentials a bath is a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind in long evenings after work.

Baths are available at an affordable price from places such as Bathstore and are available in so many different shapes and sizes, so you can find a bath that compliments your bathrooms size and design perfectly. If you don’t have a shower and only have a bath, then a shower is a fantastic investment. Showers are quick and use less water than a bath; they are also more effective for women that have to wash their hair and carry out other beauty tasks. Mira showers offer some of the most up to date and best showers to date, take a look at their website for some affordable showers available for purchase.

Get Organised

One of the most important things about a bathroom is that it should always be clean and organised. You carry out regular grooming and beauty regimes in there meaning that it won’t always be neat and tidy, but make sure that you put time aside to regularly clean and organise your bathroom. If you have an en-suite, include cleaning your en-suite as part of your bedroom cleaning routine to make sure that you get it done.

Organise your beauty products, grooming devices and other things into cabinets or storage items to be sure that they are organised and don’t get lost. Consider storage for things like jewellery before you get in the shower, it’s not unheard of for rings, necklaces and bracelets to find their way down the drain or toilet. If you ever find yourself in this situation, contact plumbers Milton Keynes who can assess the problem and retrieve your jewellery from your drainage systems or pipework.

We love these bathroom storage items from Domu, take a look at their website through some of their products that could be perfect for your bathroom.

Update Your Taps

Although you might consider upgrading your taps as it doesn’t seem like something that would make a difference. But taps can make a difference and also match the design and theme of your bathroom. Opt for antique themed or traditional tap heads in older designed bathrooms, or for a sleek modern look, we love LED taps. LED taps are rising in popularity, and they look fantastic in bathrooms, not to mention how helpful they are when you go to the toilet in the middle of the night!

LED taps change colour when not being used, and change from blue to red dependant on the temperature of the water being used from the tap.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Today!

Using these top tips, you can upgrade your bathroom today for an affordable price. For any boiler repairs Bedford or plumbing services, please contact our team today for a quick response and free quote.

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