Couple Painting House

When moving into a new property or simply refurbishing your current one when you paint your property, it can be tricky if you haven’t done so before.

Why Paint Your Home?

Painting your home can even increase the resell value of your home. As well as this it makes your property look more visually appealing when it comes to selling and to visitors. A simple lick of paint can transform the appearance of your entire home interior, as well as exterior if it’s looking slightly outdated. Sometimes it simply isn’t the right time for you to have a house extensions Towcester, so a cost-effective way that you can upgrade your home is by adding a lick of paint to all the walls.

But painting your walls can be a complicated process, if not done properly it can lead to streaks, and you can get it on your skirting boards and door frames – which can be an eyesore if left. So if you need guidance on how to paint your property, look no further! We have devised a set of top tips to help you ensure that your walls are painted properly and can give your home the refreshed look that you’re after. So keep reading!

Prepare Your Home To Paint

Start by removing anything that you have mounted on the walls of your property; this could be anything like picture frames, mirrors or paintings. By removing obstructions on your wall, it makes it simpler and quicker for you to paint and also means that you won’t have any blank non-painted spaces behind picture frames or mirrors. It also guarantees that you won’t accidentally splatter your favourite family photo with paint.

As well as protecting your mounted wall possessions, it’s important that you take precautions to protect your items of furniture. Furniture sofas, wooden tables and other furniture in your home are susceptible to staining from paint. You can prevent this by covering your furniture with old bedsheets or any old sheets that you have.

Don’t forget to cover your floors, wooden floorboards and carpets are prone to becoming victim to stubborn paint stains. Cover your flooring up with plastic sheeting or more old bedsheets.

Clean Your Walls Before Starting Any Paint Work

Although your walls may look like they are clean enough, until you wipe them down, you won’t realise how dirty they are. Dirt, grease, dust, mould and damp can all collect on walls unnoticed if not washed regularly.

Take a bucket and fill it with warm water, add in a cup of sugar and dish soap. Use this mixture to gently wipe down your walls to take off any dirt or grime. The sugar works as an exfoliant on your walls and can help make your paint grip to the wall better and apply smoother.

Use Painting Tape Around Your Home

For things like skirting boards and window and door frames that are typically white it can be hard to paint around them without being messy. Put painting tape around your windows, doors, skirting, plug sockets and ceilings for a clean paint line.

Prime Your Walls

The myth that you don’t need to prime your walls can result in uneven thinning paint. A primer can accentuate the sheen of your paint making it look newer and refreshing. As well as this, it can maximise the coverage of your paint, meaning that you need to use less paint and can get more out of your paint pot than you would without using primer.

Use A Paint Brush Where You Can’t Use A Roller

Rollers are great for painting big sections of your wall, but they aren’t really suited to painting in tight corners or parts of your wall that need extensive attention to detail.

Use smaller sized paintbrushes that allow definition and precision when painting wall corners and between creases of walls. Although a roller may get the job done faster, if it’s precise, clean looking painting you are after it’s better to take the time and hassle rather than rush and end up with a messy job.

If you don’t think you have the time to complete a home paint job yourself, then ask your local builders Milton Keynes if they have any contact with interior designers or painters as it’s likely that they will have someone to recommend.

Use The W Method To Help You Paint Evenly

Up close and personal with your wall can mean that it’s harder to see whether you have painted evenly so that your wall all has the same amount of coverage. Start in the middle of your wall, mark out a large 4ft W shape.

Then fill in the W with paint using a roller, without taking your roller away from the wall. This means that your paint will all be dispersed evenly within the same section of your wall, continue this method throughout the entire wall until you have completed it. Although do not attempt to do this in the corners of your walls as a roller may be too big, we recommend using a paint brush for these sections.

Experiment With Different Paints

And if you aren’t sure of the type of paint finish that you would like then be sure to visit home department stores. Collect different colours of paint, and ask for advice on the best sort of paint finish for you. Choose between matte, gloss, chalky, eggshell, satin, silk and masonry paint.

If you want a quirky addition in your home take a look at this article on how you can incorporate paint stencils into your home design.

Paint Your Home Today

So using these top tips, you can paint your property to bring it back to life, when having potential buyers view your property a new lick of paint and home design can make your property look much more visually appealing. It also shows that you take pride in your property and have kept it well looked after.

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