Patio Garden

There are a variety of types of patios to magnify the size of your outdoor spacing. This can be an extension on a place that you or your family can relax in or simply just a place that you would like to make more visually appealing.


Patio slabs can come in many shapes and sizes to create a design on your floor to make your outside living more appealing. A patio can reflect the mood you choose for your outside so creating a design can focus on this even more.

The Look

The look of which your slabs are can also improve the final look of your house. The slabs can be re-used from previous designs to create an older look, or they can be brand new which will empathise on a modern and brighter look. This could also increase the value of your house, due to the appearance that the patio portrays.


Having a fresh looking patio set can make the summer months more enjoyable by creating an enjoyable space for family and friends to come over for a possible barbeque or a gathering whilst the sun is at its peak. The patio will make use of the wasting grounds around your house, which will increase the visual aspect of your houses surroundings, making you wanting to spend more time outside for the sites.

Types of Patio

To improve the whole appearance of your patio there are many textures and patterns you can use to improve the feeling and visual aspect of your patio. These can range from smooth pavers to tumbled pavers to textured pavers. Your patio could involve a type of furniture to increase the relaxation space.

Customer Review

‘I am so pleased with the results of my patio from Go Large. They honestly give the best advice and design structures for patios in Milton Keynes. After viewing many companies who would be able to advise me on my patio to be suitable for my young children to run around in the garden without having to worry about the patio, Go Large were the best by far!’
Lara Whitbread,
19th June 2015