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Your home exterior gives guests and passers-by a vision of the interior of your property without them even stepping a foot inside.

Why Improve Your Home Exterior

If you are somebody who takes pride in their property on the inside, then you will want guests and friends to also appreciate the decor and cleaning and hard work your carry out to keep your property lookings its best. However, if the exterior of your home looks slightly worn, this doesn’t replicate the inside of your home and could give guests a completely different vision.

Having a well kept, visually appealing home exterior is most important when you are thinking of selling your property. This is because of as we previously mentioned, first impressions. If a potential homeowner turns up to look around your home and see’s peeling paint, cracks or missing parts from our property exterior, they’re going to be put off instantly. Therefore, if you’re looking to sell your property quickly, and to receive the most money that your home is worth it’s important to improve the exterior of your home before you put it on the market.

Which is why we have composed a set of steps that you can take to refresh your property exterior and speed up the home selling process. So keep reading!

Repaint Your Home

If your property is already painted, it might be the ideal time for a revamp. If your home is currently a white or cream colour, why not upgrade it to a slightly coloured pastel colour? You can purchase weather resistant exterior home paint, or if you want to save doing the job yourself, you can hire external property painters.

Over time the outside of your property will become worn down by the elements. Wind, rain, sun and snow can all have a lasting effect on your property no matter how good care you take of it. So be sure to check for any signs of peeling paint or cracked paint as this can be a sign that you need to repaint your home, and this is easier to do if you catch it early on.

Painting Outside House

New Front Door

Can you remember the last time you replaced your front door? If the answer is no, then it’s likely that you need a new one. Your front door over time just like the rest of the outside of your home becomes worn and can even make your property not fully energy efficient just as it becomes worn down.

An old door can let in large gusts of wind and drafts, which can affect the overall temperature of your property. This isn’t such a pain in the summer when you aren’t heating your home. But during the Winter months, this can reduce your property temperature and cause you to turn the heating up, which means more money. If you don’t currently have the money to upgrade your front door right now, you can always seal up the drafts with a door weather sealant for the time being.

New Windows

Just like your front door, if you haven’t replaced or repaired your windows in a long time, it could be time to do this too. Windows, just like your front door over time become damaged or worn out and can once again let in draughts. As well as this, if you live in an older, period property your windows could be the leading cause of why your home is so cold. Most periodic properties only have single-paned windows, which barely retain any heat whatsoever.

Modern-day properties and new build homes as come with double glazing. Double glazing is two layers of glass, with an airtight seal between that can retain heat inside your home, and stop cold air coming in. They are eco-friendly and can help you save huge amounts of money on your energy bill – not to mention they are a lot more sturdy and don’t shatter as easy. If you’re worried that you have single pane windows or that you need windows replacing, contact a trusted double glazing window supplier today.

<Fitting Windows

Add An Extension

A property extension can beautify your home’s exterior event with the simplest extensions. Whether you choose a garage conversion, kitchen extension, an added bathroom or even a loft conversion. You can guarantee that the outside of your property is going to benefit from it, it also indicates from the outside to potential buyers that you have added living space that they might not of known about.

Home extensions and conversions improve the overall resale value of your property and can utilise space not being used in your home, and transform it into something helpful and suited to your preferences. If you are thinking of extending your property, be sure to invest and do research and use reliable builders Milton Keynes; otherwise you could end up in a really awkward, uncomfortable situation.

Replace The Roof

A damaged roof is an extremely noticeable issue from the outside of your home. Not only this, but when left it can be a costly fix, which a potential homeowner isn’t going to want to pay. If you’re trying to sell your property with a damaged roof, it’s doubtful that you are going to succeed.

Even if your roof is not damaged, it can still be a good idea to replace it as you can most definitely tell when a property has a new roof. Moss, bird droppings and general debris can all collect on your roof, and all have an adverse effect on your property. A brand new roof dramatically reduces the chance of leaks and when maintained can have a positive impact on your property. Remember that if your roof is damaged, it’s essential that you fix it straight away. Roof leaks can get into your insulation and wooden panels and cause them to rot. If this happens, it leads to serious health issues, and in worst case scenario perhaps even evacuation from your home due to the hazard being so extreme.

Fitting New Roof

Upgrade Your Home Exterior Today!

Now that you know how you can improve your property’s exterior, it’s time to put a plan of action into place. Talk to local builders, architects and your neighbours and ask them for advice and what they think could be improved about your home. In the meantime for any other services such as garden fencing in Towcester, please contact a member of our team today! We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?