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Home security is crucial, without home security anyone could walk into your property without you knowing. So if your home security is at a low point, we highly recommend that you improve home security within your property.

Why Improve Home Security?

Your family inhabit your property the vast majority of the time, and when you’re not there, you want the reassurance that they are safe and secure in the house. If leaving your teenagers at home with the doors unlocked you are making it increasingly easy for anybody to walk into your home undetected. As well as this, when selling your property your home is a lot more appealing to potential buyers if it is up to date with security precautions and features the latest security systems.

So if you want to improve your home security but aren’t sure where to start, not to worry. We’ve devised a list of security tips to help you make your property protected as best as possible from burglars and intruders. So keep reading!

Have Someone Watch Your Property When On Holiday Or Away

Burglars and robbers keep an eye on the houses of those that they want to break into. They will work out your daily schedule and pinpoint when you are home during the day, and when you aren’t. They might even wait until they see you leave your property for a number of days or weeks on holiday.

Because of this, we recommend hiring a trusted house sitter to keep an eye on everything when you are away. If burglars see that there is continuously someone present in your property they won’t be able to attempt a break in. If you can’t find a house sitter, we recommend presenting your property as if it is still being inhabited while you are away. You can do this by leaving a few of the lights on in your house, if you are going abroad then try and find a lift to the airport so that your car is on your drive and looks like somebody is home. We also recommend not closing drapes or shutters in your property, as this gives the impression that nobody’s home.

Top Up The Gravel On Your Front Drive

Gravel is a silent intruder’s worst nightmare; nothing draws more attention to yourself than sprinting or creeping over crunchy gravel in the dead of night. If you don’t have a driveway already, we recommend investing in gravel driveway that surrounds the entire front of your property to maximise the probability of hearing your intruder before they get to your house.

If you don’t hear your intruder, it’s likely that somebody else will. A neighbour, local neighbourhood watch team or even passerby could hear unusual sounds and raise the alarm. Although a gravel driveaway seems like it may not help, it has been known to help detect intruders in the past.

Have CCTV Installed

CCTV is one of the most helpful and affordable forms of home security. CCTV is becoming more popular and has been known to increase the resale value of a property dramatically. You should definitely have CCTV installed by professional electricians that are qualified and have plenty of experience. CCTV can put both internally and externally on your property to catch everything going on; it can be fitted at front doors, back doors, kitchens, living rooms and utility rooms – almost anywhere imaginable.

The great thing about CCTV is that it is widely developed and has come a long way from when it was first created, CCTV can now be watched live from mobile phones and tablets so that even when you’re away, you can check up on your property, or throughout the day at work. As well as this CCTV is one of the most reliable sources of evidence during court hearings or making charges. If your house is broken into, CCTV works as evidence against the intruder and can prove that they were present in your home, it also enables you to see what was taken and how they entered – making it really handy. CCTV installations Milton Keynes are extremely simple and quick when carried out by a professional, you can also find deals from electrical contractors that often do purchase and fit deals for cheaper.

Fit And Install Security Alarms

Security alarm installations Milton Keynes can deter burglars from even considering targeting your home. Burglar and security systems can be fitted all around your house, even externally. The most common form of burglar alarm installed is the internal and external, as the external alarm is visible to those outside the property it warns potential intruders that your house is secure and alarmed – meaning it’s unlikely they will even attempt to break in.

Security alarms should always be fitted by a professional to ensure that they are effective and work straight away; otherwise, you may be using a faulty or incorrectly installed security system. Home security systems can tell that there is an intruder in a variety of ways. Some alarms are triggered by opening a door that the alarm is set too, for example, if your front door is opened after your alarm has been activated it will make a loud ringing noise until your unique pin number is entered to turn it off.

Other alarm systems are sensory; they can sense vibrations and will set off as soon as they sense strong vibrations or shock sensors coming from something like a window or door. These are the best at detecting forced entry and are used widely throughout properties. Although, security systems have come a long way over the years. Certain security alarm systems can now silently alert the police when they think that your home is being broken into. They will call 99 9 if they sense abnormal activity, or detect someone in your property. Meaning that even if you and your family are sound asleep while your home is burgled, the police will be informed and catch the perpetrator red-handed.

Protect Your Home Today!

Contact your local electricians Milton Keynes today to discuss home security options for your property; home security is important so make sure that you invest in some form of protection for your property. We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?