The perfect bedroom consists of great storage, spacious elements and statement pieces while not compromising on your personal style. Although it is a place that only you enjoy, it doesn’t mean that your creativeness can’t carry on throughout the room. Everything from colour palettes to functional and funky storage will have a significant impact on the way you enjoy your room while keeping it looking aesthetically pleasing. To help you know exactly how to create the perfect bedroom, here are some things that you may want to think about before going out and purchasing your furniture.

How To Create The Perfect Bedroom: A Go Large Guide

When creating your perfect bedroom, you need to think about every detail of the room, from functional storage to all of the little elements that add to the design. For this reason, it is important to think about the size of your room and what you need to add to make sure that it works best for you.

Your bedroom is a place where you can recharge and reflect on your day without any interruptions, so making sure that it is a clutter-free and a calming place to relax, is just an important part of bedroom design. So, let’s get into what really makes a bedroom the perfect location to chill out and enjoy your masterpieces.


You may find that your bedroom doesn’t function as well as you hope due to its size; this is where you may want to consider having an extension on your bedroom. By adding more space, you can give yourself more room to incorporate useful storage to ensure that it doesn’t become an obstacle to manoeuvre in and everyday activities are easy to complete. You can even consider adding an ensuite onto your bedroom for extra privacy and comfort.

There are several benefits to extending your bedroom and these extend to when you decide to move house as the extra space adds value to your property. Some of the other benefits for extending your home or even just your bedroom include the following:

  • Easier alternative to moving
  • Tailor your extension to your needs
  • Likely won’t need planning permission
  • Able to modernise your home
  • Extends a beloved home as the family grows

Before you begin to design and plan your new perfect bedroom, why not give our specialists a call for more information about house extensions in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. Here at Go Large, we provide high-quality home improvements to give you your dream home without having to move. Take a look at some of our previous work for extension inspiration and more information about our services.

Bedroom With Ensuite

Style & Colour Palette

Once you have extended or cleared your room to prepare a clean canvas, it’s time to start thinking about your style and what kind of furniture and fixtures you would like to add to the room. The colour of the room will have a significant impact on the overall feel of the bedroom, so it is important to think about your colour palette. When thinking about colours, work out which ones go well together, as you going for one block colour throughout the room can look cheap and tacky. Calming colours such as greys, badge and even a muted blue can provide a soothing and tranquil environment. For colour palette ideas for the bedroom, have a look at House Beautiful’s blog.

The style of the room will completely depend on your personal preference, whether that be an 80’s inspired design or a modern and chic layout. However, some of the most popular styles for master bedrooms are to add a lot of arty pieces and sharp finishes or to have a rustic look with a few statement pieces. If you’re a creative and artistic individual, then having all of the walls white or cream and then having one coloured wall with artwork placed upon it, is a very popular bedroom trend. Whereas, the subtleness of stunning lettered lights against a crisp white wall is equally as striking.

Elle Decor has some great bedroom design ideas that can help to give you some inspiration on your bedroom makeover. You can even head over to our previous article for some further makeover ideas that give you a comforting feeling when putting your feet up at the end of the day.


As you can imagine, storage is extremely important in a bedroom, as cramming all of your clothes and shoes into one cupboard is a skill that not many are proud of. There are a number of clever ways in which you can incorporate storage into your bedroom with elegant or quirky bedside tables of even under bed storage. Beds such as those found on MADE not only adds to your design but also work as a functional storage system with drawers under the bed for all of your shoes.

Fitted wardrobes are also a great way to add personalised storage that works best for you. With personalised storage, you can add shelves, hanging space and draws for you to pop in all of your items with ease. If your room is of an unusual shape, you may also find that most wardrobes don’t work with all of the corners and walls within your room; this often leads to wasted space. Fitted wardrobes can be made to measure, fitting into every corner and along the walls perfectly. There are a number of benefits to having a fitted wardrobe, all of which contribute to the style of the room, so make for a perfect addition! You can find out more about fitted wardrobes and their benefits on Decorator’s Wisdom’s blog.

Wooden Bedroom Storage


Lighting plays a big part in the feel and comfort of a room, whether it be natural or electrically generated. Considering window placement, type and size can allow you to let in as much natural light as possible while also letting in fresh air which can help create a peaceful room.

Although natural lighting is good, not every home can make this the centrepiece of the room. For this reason, adding stylish lighting to the room not only brings light but also adds to the design and aesthetics. There are some outstanding designs that you can incorporate into the room, depending on your style. You can get creative with the lamps beside your bed, such as Rhino wall lamps, or a fluffy floor lamp. You can accompany your fluffy floor lamp with a feathered chandelier or have one made from crystals or even mirrors to project light across the room.

Bedding & Cushions

The perfect bedroom wouldn’t be complete with a selection of beddings and throws to give the room a bit of texture and layers. The benefit of bedding is that you can change the colours of your room depending on the changing trends or even the season. For example, in the winter you could opt for a darker colour palette such as burgundy or plum purple while in the summer you can brighten the room with white or floral patterns. Keeping the walls a neutral colour will mean that you are able to change the furniture and features within the room to match your changing style at a low cost.

Soft blankets can be placed onto the bed in the winter, following the same colour palette while adding extra warmth and comfort to the room. Larger throws such as those found on Next, can keep you warm and snuggled up as the temperature begins to drop while still looking stylish once the bed has been made. To keep your room looking current and cosy, why not follow some of the inspirational bed layering ideas on Architectural Digest, perfect for summer and winter.

Cushions on the bed are another way of layering your fashion and giving you something soft to land on after a hard days work. A particularly popular fashion trend for both the bedroom and living room is to have different textured cushions in the same colour. Contrary to this, another trend is to have the same cushion but in various different shades. Both of these design ideas are perfect for creating the bed as the centrepiece of the room, making a statement as soon as you enter and giving you that home sweet home feeling.

Tree Themed Bedroom

Your Perfect Bedroom Awaits

There is a lot that goes into creating and designing the perfect bedroom for all seasons. From all of the big details to all of the little ones, everything will have an impact on the overall look and feel of the room. Before you begin adding features and furniture to your bedroom, take a step back and think about what the room needs and doesn’t need. Once you have determined what could help and aid your bedroom in looking stylish and functioning to your needs, it’s time to start thinking about colours and smaller details.

If you feel that your room could benefit from an extension or needs a complete renovation, feel free to contact our specialist team for more information about our services and what our builders in Towcester can provide for you.