Tidying Bedroom

Tidy bedrooms are good for the soul, neat bedrooms provide more comfort and strengthen the pride you have for your property.

Why Have Tidy Bedrooms?

One of the worst feelings has to be having a messy bedroom, restoring order to your bedroom and decluttering it can be incredibly therapeutic and saves you losing belongings. We are sure that there have been times when your bedroom has spiralled out of control and needed a deep clean – regular bedroom tidying is an excellent way to keep your bedroom tidy.

As well as this, storage is a massive part of having a tidy bedroom. With all of your possessions strewn all over the place, it can be challenging to maintain a tidy bedroom. This includes beauty products, clothes, shoes and all of the other possessions stored in your bedroom. So if you are struggling to keep your bedroom clean, then look no further. We’ve devised a list of top tips for you to keep your bedroom tidy all the time! So keep reading!

Motivate Yourself!

The main thing that’s going to help you succeed in upkeeping a tidy bedroom is motivation. Without motivation, you are going to find it hard to gather energy from anywhere to clear out old belongings or restore order in your bedroom. A fantastic way to motivate yourself is with music, create a playlist full of your favourite feel-good music and play it when tidying your room.

Make a plan of what you want your room to look like and plan what’s going to go where, and find alternative storage methods. If music isn’t your sort of thing, read here for other ways you can motivate yourself.

Start By Decluttering Your Room

When doing this task, you must be brutal, if you’re a hoarder of belongings have someone help you with this task to reason with you things that you should keep and things that need throwing out. Keep your most prized possessions such as pictures, awards and products that you use. Try and dispose of all old no-longer worn clothing, shoes and any toys or unused products you have lying around.

Decluttering your bedroom provides a perfect opportunity to give to charity and donate your unwanted items to those that are in need. Visit your local charity and drop off the stuff you want to throw away – or hold a car boot sale! Check out this article for a more in-depth guide on how to declutter your home.

Separate Items In Your Drawers With Dividers

One of the most common reasons that bedrooms look messy is because of cluttering and busy looking dressing tables or desks. Get organised with your belongings; you can purchase drawer dividers that can help maximise the capacity of things that can fit into your drawers – as well as keeping everything in order, and making it easier for you to find your belongings.

Drawers dividers are affordable and are available in a number of furniture shops and online! Here’s a set we found.

Use Hanging Rails

Large-scale wardrobes and clothing storage units can take up a massive chunk of your bedroom. If you are someone that likes to grab your outfit in the morning and go without trying on numerous of different options, clothing rails could be your best bet. They’re available in a variety of different colours and styles so that you can incorporate them into the design on your bedroom.

Hanging rails can be put together in minutes and look visually appealing if used in the correct way. We recommend not piling vast amounts of clothes onto your clothing rail, not only will it strain it and increase the risk of breaking it but it also makes your room look cluttered and busy.

Shelving Units

Shelves are one of the best forms of storage, that can be used in every room of your property. Shelves allow you to store things elevated, out of the way and are easy to install – as well as cost effective! Shelves can be painted to fit with the design of your room, and are available in different shapes and sizes to add extra design effect to your room. If you’re looking to spruce up your room with minimal work and while creating storage, check out these shelving arrangements to create a new design for your bedroom.

Store any ornaments, awards or things that you wouldn’t like to be the centrepiece of your bedroom on your shelves; they can also be great at storing belongings like framed photos and gifts from family etc.

Under Bed Storage

Utilise your under-bed storage; it’s the only place that allows you to store things entirely out of sight. As well as this, typically under-bed storage is quite ample and can allow room for a lot of clutter and things that you don’t want to throw out. Instead of stuffing under your bed with clothes, shoes and more we recommend investing in storage boxes that allow you to organise your belongings and let your store your things in an orderly fashion.

Shoe Storage

You might not think it, but shoes and clothes are one of the biggest hoarders of space in your bedroom. Once you have organised storage for your clothing, you should try and create a storage place for your footwear. This can be a shoe rack or any form of shoe storage. Some people simply have a plastic storage container that they put their un-used shoes in. A plastic storage box is perfect for storage as they’re large and can easily be cleaned if they’re made dirty. These storage boxes can also be handy during construction work with builders Milton Keynes in order to protect your belongings and keep them away from dust.

Tidy Your Bedroom Today

So now that you know how to motivate yourself, and know the best methods of storage to create your ideal tidy bedroom – it’s time to put them to use! For all construction needs and home extensions Towcester contact us today for more information! We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?