White Christmas Decorations

It’s got to that time of year when people are beginning to get their beloved Christmas decorations down from the loft, bring out the Christmas tree and begin thinking of festive home decor ideas.

What Are The Best Festive Home Decor Ideas?

Some people cannot contain themselves over the excitement of Christmas. The majority of the time it’s the festive build up, especially for those who have young children or younger siblings. Some people, however, do not like getting their Christmas decorations down before the December mark, which is fine!

But if you’re like us and enjoy celebrating the Christmas season early, then you’re in the right place! In order to prepare for Christmas, it’s important that you decorate your house to look the part! Which is why we have devised a list of fantastic Christmas decor tips, to get full swing into the festive season, so keep reading!

Christmas Lights

Start off simple with some pretty Christmas lights. Whether you have them entwined just on your fireplace or mantlepiece, or whether you decide to drape your entire house in them, either will look great! Christmas lights can be purchased in a variety of colours sizes and shapes, which can all create a different environment and overall design of your home.

Red and green lights are often brought by those who are looking to make the interior and exterior of their home look like Santa’s grotto. With the insinuation fo Christmas, red and green lights are guaranteed to make your home ooze with Christmas spirit. You can either drape these on your tree, outside your home, or just about anywhere you want! Purchase Christmas lights here here.

For those looking for a more subtle, modernised approach of Christmas, white Christmas lights or fairy lights can do the job. They are soothing and create a really nice atmosphere in your home, as they look fantastic when lit at night! You can buy white Christmas lights in seasonal shapes such as snowmen or Christmas trees if you wanted, or stick to standard fairy lights – either way; they look brilliant! Take a look at this article for the best Christmas light designs!

Festive Tableware

And why not bring the festive feeling right up to when you have your Christmas dinner? If you’re hosting Christmas dinner at your house this year, why not drape the table in festive decor to match your home. You can purchase festive dining sets, or you can pick up bits and bobs to create your own Christmas table spread.

If you have a wooden table or are just worried about mess and stains during your festive feast, then you can purchase festive print tablecloths, we love these ones from The Tablecloth Company! You can often purchase matching additives such as napkins if you wanted to keep everything matching. If you have expensive glasses or tableware that are used for special occasions, don’t be afraid to bring them out at Christmas! It’s a time of celebration, and this is the perfect time to put them to use!

Family Christmas Dinner

Christmas Smells

Although this isn’t necessarily decor, the smells of your home can significantly influence the way that people feel and how your home is presented. If you are hosting Christmas at your own house or simply want to get into the Christmas spirit, then smells can help get you into the festive setting.

The typical smells associated with Christmas are mince pies, gingerbread, mulled wine, cinnamon and much more. If you really want to get in the festive mood, it can be a good idea to buy candles and incenses to fill your home with inviting smells. The most renown candle company is Yankee Candle; they hit the nail on the head when it comes to scents and has released too many wonderful fragrances to name – especially for their Christmas collection! Although, a lot of people don’t trust themselves with candles and often forget about them. If this sounds like you, then we recommend opting for something like incense or fragrances that require no lighting or fire.

Gingerbread Houses

As we previously mentioned, gingerbread is commonly associated with Christmas time. You can incorporate this into your own home with a gingerbread house. Often prepared at Christmas time, gingerbread can be found both in shops and in local bakeries. Why not have a shot at creating your own gingerbread house? We love them, and often put on together at Christmas time!

Gingerbread is seemingly simple to make, but if you don’t want to give it a go, there are other alternatives. We’ve included a simple step by step on how to put a gingerbread house together from scratch with your own gingerbread. But not to worry, there’s a cheating option you can use to create the perfect gingerbread if you can’t do it from scratch or don’t have time, you can buy it from Biscuiteers.

gingerbread house on table

Wreaths And Garlands

Christmas traditions such as garlands and wreaths have been around for years. Whether you choose to hand a wreath up on your front door to let everyone know you are a Christmas loving household, or whether your contribution is just laying a garland across the fireplace – both look fantastic! You can buy garlands that include pinecones and ones that even have tiny specs of snow on them to give it a touch of winter.

As for wreaths, these are also available in a variety of designs, dependent on your preferences. Whether you would like poinsettias, holly leaves or even berries, you can choose a gorgeous wreath that fits with your homes interior and exterior perfectly! Choose your favourite garland or wreath from Christmas Direct!

Start Decorating Your Home!

Even if you do think that it’s still early to start decorating your home with festive things, it’s never too early to start planning! By planning how you want your property to look before you decorate it, you are more organised and will end up with a beautifully decorated home! For more information on driveways Milton Keynes, please feel free to contact one of our builders Towcester today!

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