Garden Fence

Certain houses require different type’s of garden fences due to who is living on the premises, or what type of house you live in. These can vary in shape, width and height depending on what type of fence panels you buy. With each type of fence being suitable in its own way. The prices for the different fences can also vary.


Panel fences are the most basic but effective fences. Found in most DIY shops or fencing suppliers for reasonably low prices, also easy to fit. But, if there is a lack of pressure when fitting, the fence may not be as effective and knocked over easier when the weather is tumultuous. Panel fences are usually not used for long term fences due the materials not being as strong as other fence options but still effective.

Close board

Close board fencing is seen as the most cost effective fencing as it is longer lasting and has earned the reputation of being the most cost effective. This type of fencing is usually used on sloping grounds as the boards are easy to adjust or repair if needed, long lasting if they have been tested and fitted properly and it can be suitable for both front and back garden due to it being easy to shape and size. Close board fences can be found in most fencing suppliers as it is quite common.

Standard garden picket fence

A picket fence is attractive and functional for your front garden, these are fairly short and usually used outside cottages, as the restrict pets or children from wandering away from the home. Picket fences are fairly cheap and the different shapes and sizes of the fences should be considered too when purchasing. Found in most fencing supplier shops due to it being common.

Go Large

Here at Go Large, our specialised team can fit any type of fence upon request due to all the team being experienced and dedicated to following all customers’ requests.

Customer review in Milton Keyness

Thank you to the Go Large build and design team to helped me choose my Garden Fencing in Milton Keynes then fitted it for me so efficiently. The team were so lovely to me and my family during the process of the fitting aswell

28th March 2015