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A garage in most people’s home is used as a simple room for storage. It’s important to know that there are many different garage uses to optimise the living space in your home.

Why Consider Different Garage Uses?

Garages and lofts are often associated with storage and are used to hold mountains upon mountains of clutter, but this is an extra living space in your home which you should optimise. If you feel like you want more space in your home or you’re fed up of not having access to the garage, it might be an idea to upgrade your home with home conversions Towcester.

Garage conversions are often one of the most forgotten forms of home extensions, but it can make a massive difference to your property and significantly extend your property’s living space for an affordable price. Although garage conversions just like any home improvement will likely need planning permissions, it’s a lot easier to receive this than it would be for an external home extension as its less disruptive and often doesn’t alter the exterior of your home. If you are thinking about converting your garage to add extra living space to your home, your probably wondering what you could convert it to. Which is why we have composed a list of things that you could transform your garage into to make it more beneficial to you and your family and to put wasted space into use. So keep reading!

Games Room

One of the most popular reasons that homeowners invest in a garage conversion. Providing an extra room to relax in other than you general living space, having a games room can promote family spending quality time together and provides you with an area for you to have friends over without making a mess in your living room or kitchen.

Games rooms also work well for younger children as well as young adults who can have their friends over for games nights without the hassle of messing up their bedrooms or having to spend money going out somewhere. Games rooms often contain things such as games consoles, pool tables or football tables as forms of entertainment. You can stock this room up with board games as well for when you and your family want to spend some quality time together.

games room

Home Gym

If you are someone who loves to keep fit but faces the gruelling task of dragging yourself to the gym after a long day at work, this could be the perfect solution for you. Did you know more people find making their way to the gym more annoying and tiresome than they do when actually at the gym? It’s the most common reason that people cancel the gym or end up choosing not to go.

Building your own home gym is great, it eliminates the use of an awful communal shower after every gym session as you can relax in the comfort of your own home. You can train whenever you like, and although it will be a slightly costly investment, over a prolonged period of time, you would likely pay this for long-term gym memberships. Fitness Superstore offers affordable state of the art gym equipment to furnish your home gym.

Home Office

How would you love to work from home? A lot of office based jobs are doable from home, but often people don’t have the space or amenities which prevents them from doing so. Your garage is the perfect size and space to convert for you to create your own private office. Working from home is thought to increase productivity and makes life simpler for you.

It’s hard to find space for an office in your property when all of the rooms are regularly used and inhabited, but by taking up unused space, you have the perfect area for a stylish office to make your life easier. We love all of this office furniture from Barker And Stonehouse that would create a sophisticated and trendy office space.

home office

Movie Room

Is it not everybody’s dream to have a home cinema? A trip to the cinema is often a treat, but you can’t help wanting to get all cosy with a blanket and snacks which is a bit hard in a public place. Bring the cinema experience to you by converting your unused garage space into a home cinema!

Invite all of your friends over for the grand opening and celebrate like it’s a movie premiere by supplying snacks and choosing a new or popular film. With a home cinema, you can relax all weekend watching your favourite movies and series. We often recommend to those that want to create a home cinema that they use a projector rather than a tv for the full cinema experience. Leave one large wall blank with white paint; a projector can play videos huge just like a cinema screen rather than a standard tv. Be sure to purchase comfortable furniture to make the experience even better. You can purchase realistic home cinema furniture here from Coleccion Alexandra UK, or find your own alternative form of comfortable furniture.


This is often a popular use of garage conversions. If you have young children, you may be tired of them messing up your main living space with toys, or making spillages and leaving trails of destruction behind them throughout your home. If your somebody who takes great pride in their property and loves home design, this can have an effect on the appearance of your property if not dealt with.

The best way to solve this issue is o provide your children with a space in which is only for them that they can play, watch films, draw or do what they want undisturbed. This way they won’t make a mess around the house and are more likely to play independently when they are surrounded by their favourite things. Decorate your child’s playroom with their favourite film characters, or their favourite colour. Make the design process fun and involve your child, remember to invest in some form of storage for all their toys and belongings!

children's playroom

Convert Your Garage Today!

Start your home conversions process today! You won’t realise how helpful having a garage conversion is until you make the decision to convert. It’s always helpful to utilise wasted space and transform it into something that you can get use from.

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