Garden Landscaping

Landscaping makes your garden look incredible; if you’re a fan of outdoor parties or barbeques in the summer, then garden landscaping is for you. Landscaping is typically used to add space to your garden and make it more useable for you and your family, no matter your garden size our highly qualified landscaping team can transform your overgrowing garden into a beautiful utilised space with flourishing green shrubbery. With these outdoor landscaping ideas, your garden is guaranteed to flourish and stun your friends and family.

Will These Outdoor Landscaping Ideas Fit All Kinds Of Garden?

Fortunately, everyone’s garden is different which makes landscaping such an exciting and creative job to do. Unfortunately, certain landscaping ideas will not be suited for smaller gardens, and some will be too small and undetectable for a huge garden.

However, in this article we have decided to include ideas that are suitable for both larger and smaller gardens, these ideas are intended to bring originality to your garden and transform it into a place you enjoy spending time in.

But the real question is how can these outdoor landscaping ideas improve your home, and how can they make you original as opposed to other residences? Keep reading to find out!

#1 Water

Water features are the best, they add a touch of class to your garden and make a beautiful focal point for your garden. A lot of homeowners that struggle with water leaks or water erosion end up transforming them into beautiful water based focal points for their garden.

If this is the case for you, then place rocks and large flint stones around the base of the water leakage and pair with some bright flowers to draw attention to the stream of water.

We liked this water feature from Primrose

#2 Cover Up An Unpleasant Sight

If you have an eyesore in your garden that you want to get rid off, but it’s too big of a job to tear down completely, consider landscaping as an easier alternative at covering up the things you don’t like the look of.

For example, if you have an item of furniture or something along those lines, you can cover up any table legs or something you would like people not to see with flowers or shrubs.

#3 Staging

A lot of people’s gardens are all one level and have no alteration of levels, for an original twist to your garden take it up a level and plant mounds of soil to slowly create a centre stage.

Choose how you decorate your stage, use a water feature as a centrepiece or decorate it with a table and chairs so that you and your friends or family are centre stage during your meet ups or evening dinners.

Team your stage platform with tall shoots or plants to provide the illusion of extra height.

#4 Enter Your Garden In Style

When you first enter your garden is the bets part, it’s what guests first see, and if your entrance is stylish, then they’re going to guarantee that the rest of your garden is styled beautifully.

Don’t ruin your gate with an old trodden muddy pathway or an old broken gate with tall shoots of overgrown grass; an arch is the perfect item of furniture to welcome your guests into your garden.

Lace your arch with bright flowers and team with a patio for the perfect evening setting.

#5 Pond

Let’s be honest when have you ever walked into someone’s garden which has a pond and you thought it looked awful – never. Ponds are a beautiful feature to relax around in summer days.

Ponds reflect the sun and add a gorgeous shine to your garden, to make your pond stand out, even more, why not purchase some koi carp to add a form of colour to your garden.

We liked this pond from Garden Oasis

#6 Sink Your Garden

We talked about raising your garden – but doing the opposite can look just as good too! Drop an area of your garden to create a private sitting area for lunch, dinners or meetups with friends and family.

You can lay down a patio, some concrete or brickwork to situate your furniture for your private summer dining space.

#7 Add A Fireplace

Is there a better feeling than sitting outside in the evening by a fire? Relax for your family evening accompanied by the warmth of your outdoor fireplace.

Use your fireplace to create an outdoor living area where you can relax and host family parties in the evening; your parties can go on all night with the warmth and light produced by the fireplace.

And in the seasons where it’s too hot for a fireplace then it’s a great alternative as a flower pot and can hold many gorgeous vibrant plants.

If a fireplace is somewhat out of your price range, then it’s possible to build your own!

But here is the fireplace we liked from Imagin Fires

#8 Fresh Fruit And Veg

Growing your own can be easy if done correctly! It also looks gorgeous and compliments your home extension in Milton Keynes making it look stunning.

Grow your own greens and make your garden look flourishing and fresh in a sea of green beans, peas and cabbages. Not to mention how healthy you and your family will be!

Use gravel pathways to make access to your plants and veg easier, plant them in raised beds.

#9 Garden Shed

Incorporate a shed into your gardens design; this doesn’t mean your old rusty shed with the door with rusty hinges.

Paint your shed to match your home and gardens colour design, use it for storage, a workshop or even a place to relax. Spend your evenings eating lunch in your garden shed with table and chairs.

Sheds can use to focus your gardens seating areas, lace your shed with flowers to add a touch of colour and decor.

We liked this garden shed from Garden Buildings Direct


So how will you design your garden? For socialising and relaxation purposes in the warm summer evenings? Or just to look inviting.

Many people host garden parties or dinner parties in their gardens, or events such as barbeques. The event possibilities are endless, which is what makes outdoor landscaping so amazing – if you’re interested in landscaping or our other services then our highly experienced builders in Milton Keynes will be able to do the job for you!

Receive a free quote from us by filling in one of our contact forms! We hope this article was helpful – if it was then why not share amongst your friends!