Garden Patio

Your patio can be one of the best evening settings to sit and relax in the warm summer evenings – but a lot of peoples problems with patios come with the fact that they are unsure of any patio design ideas.

Are These Patio Design Ideas Suitable For Everyone?

We have listed a number of different ideas for everyone to try and make this article relevant for everyone, of course depending on the size of your garden you may not be able to have certain things in your garden if it’s too small. But we’ve included a range of stuff to make your garden a stunning place for you and your family to relax.

The primary use of a patio is for relaxation, and it is often used for dining or recreation purposes – however, they can be utilised for whatever purpose you wish. They are typically paved and are made out of concrete.

So, the question on everybody’s mind is how can you decorate your patio? If you want to find out – then keep reading!

Water Feature

A water feature can instantly liven up your entire garden without you having to add any furniture or ornaments; water features often give the feel of a well kept neat garden.

The sound of water trickling is a natural remedy for relaxation, if you are feeling stressed from the constant battle with work and everyday life then why not decorate your patio with a large water feature and a seating area for evening relaxation.

Mood Lighting

It’s been scientifically proven that mood lighting can affect the mood you’re in, the colours have a lasting effect on how you feel. For example, colours like blue and purple often are relaxation colours – so why not unwind in the evening on your patio with mood lighting to give you that extra boost of calmness.

Dependent on the size you get, these mood lighting can also work great as lighting methods for evening gatherings and garden parties. We like these floating spheres from PK Green – they float in water and can be used on land!

Cover Your Patio

If you love spending time on your patio, but you live somewhere that is as rainy and cold as England then it’s difficult to sometimes relax outside without getting soaked. Which is why you should build your patio under a shelter, not only does this look gorgeous but it also gives you more reason to spend time outdoors no matter the weather – this looks gorgeous when paired with a home extension Buckingham.

Like I mentioned before, water running is such a relaxing calming noise, so by building your patio under shelter, you can unwind outside protected from the rain and listen to the rain trickling off your patio shelter.

Fire Bowl

If you love spending time in the outdoors and camping, then you’re going to love this one. Keep warm and give your patio a rustic feel by purchasing a fire bowl, you and your family can sit near the fire bowl for hours relaxing or eating by the comfort of a warm fire.

Another positive about fire bowls is that they can be good for family get together and they can be used for things such as roasting marshmallows, or a lot of people that have them often say that they and their family will play board games in their garden in the early evenings or weekends.

If you aren’t a massive fan of having a fire bowl or you have young children, then you could buy a simple outdoor fire which is covered for safety, but it can still be used for the same things as a fire bowl. We liked this fire bowl from Solus Firepits.

Breakfast Patio

What is better than eating your breakfast outdoors to wake you up on a sunny day? Make your patio into a beautiful dining area to enjoy toast, a bowl of cereal or a breakfast spread in the sunshine.

The common design choice for a breakfast patio consists of dainty furniture combined with beautiful china and plants or ornaments. We found that a lot of homeowners patio’s featured furniture like french cafe chairs and afternoon tea utensils.


If you are a regular napper, then you are going to love this one, lounge and unwind on your patio daybed. Curl up and read a book or take a well-needed rest in the comfort of an outdoor daybed.

By relaxing outside, you are instantly rejuvenated and can give yourself the fresh air your body needs while relaxing. We liked this outdoor daybed that we found on Wayfair – this daybed comes with 7 seats which is perfect for all the family, or can be an ideal sitting place for a garden party.

Garden Shed

A garden shed is often used to store all gardening utensils or rarely used junk, but why not transform it into something more useful? Make your evening setting into a cosy shed in your back garden – that way you are shaded from any bad weather but can still take regular trips outdoors.

When using your garden shed as a retreat, it can be entertaining to decorate, whether you opt for trophies and a TV to make it a comfy man cave or whether you choose to lace it in fairy lights with comfy chair and blankets the choice is yours. You can also paint garden sheds just as if it was your second bedroom, so it’s always possible to make it as if it was another room.


Make your courtyard a fun place to be with a garden swing or hanging chair – these aren’t just for children and can be a more fun quirky way to enjoy your time spent outdoors.

Not just for adults but swinging chairs and hanging chairs can also encourage your children to spend more time outdoors, always playing make believe games your kids are likely to love these unique outdoor seats. We love this luxury family swinging chair from Wayfair – with 3 seats perfect for group seating.


So there you have some of the best patio design ideas for your garden, we tried to include ideas suitable for both larger sized gardens and smaller garden. Don’t already have a patio? No worries! Our professional builders Milton Keynes can landscape and lay down a patio for the garden of your dreams.

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