Camomile Court Project

Welcome to one of our most recent projects.

Here we talk you through how we transformed a garden with a large derelict swimming pool into a very modern contemporary garden with a putting green.

This back garden was one of those projects where we had to take several steps backwards before going forwards.

What the project entailed:

  • Filling in swimming pool
  • Making garden level with orangery for good drainage
  • Taking down two trees
  • Taking down and re-aligning fence so it’s straight
  •  Painting fence
  • Putting up and painting shed
  • Laying down sandstone paving
  • Install of water fountain
  • Install of garden lights
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A deserted swimming pool took up the vast majority of this derelict garden, we finished the process by filling up the swimming pool and levelling out the garden. Once we had done this we then continued to improve the gardens appearance using lighting and outdoor decor.



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