Project Overview

The Go Large team were asked by a client to complete a house extension on a beautiful home in Downhead Park. With limited space within the home, the client required a new and improved addition to allow for the whole family to enjoy more space without having to move out of their beloved property.

Services Client Used

  • Home Extension
  • Windows
  • Design

What We Did

It can be hard to determine what is best for the family when you are in need of some space for everyone to live comfortably, and that is why this particular client enlisted in the help of Go Large to design an extension and build onto their home. With a rough idea of what they required, the team devised a plan and design that incorporated an extension with the client’s needs in mind. Along with this design, the client was able to design how they wished to use this new space, as everything from the windows to the power sockets could be designed with their vision in mind.

With a design planned out, the team entered the home and first removed the exterior back wall to create a space in which they were able to extend on to. From here, steel poles were placed to form a structure for the extension, and the client was instantly able to see just how much more space they were going to acquire. After this had been erected, the team then began to build the exterior of the extension before completing interior work. Once this was complete, walls, plumbing, electrical work and more were all finished to allow the client to style and decorate their newfound space how they wished.

Client Testimonial

"The amount of space that our new extension has given the family is incredible and beyond our wildest dreams. The Go Large team have transformed what once felt like a cramped home into a luxury space for all of us to enjoy. Now, hardly a day goes by when the whole family isn’t all cuddled up in the new space. Very friendly team and the work is exceptional from start to finish."

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