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House fires are an extremely unfortunate event and can cause mass devastation to properties and their belongings, as well as being dangerous. There are a lot of causes of house fires that you might not have even anticipated.

What Are The Main Causes Of House Fires?

House fires cause destruction throughout the home, there are different degrees of damage, and some fires can be worse than others dependant on what caused it. But it’s imperative that you take all precautions to ensure that your property is as safe as possible and completely protected from the possibilities of a fire.

House fires happen thousands of times yearly in the UK; the fire can be so severe that it makes people homeless, clothless, moneyless and even without any family. There have been hundreds of stories over the years about those that have fallen victim to a tragic house fire and have lost everything as a result of it. Which is why you should always take as many precautions as possible to avoid ever being in this terrible situation. So how can you protect your property against house fires? Keep reading to find out!

Your Home Is Incorrectly Wired

Electrical wiring is one of the most crucial components of your property. Its what makes your appliances work as well as your lighting systems and the power to your boilers. Without working electricity, your home would be a difficult place to live. Be sure that before and when you move into your house that you’re made aware of the electrical and gas history of your property. That way it’s easy to differentiate problems with your electricity from age, or shoddy work.

In order to check the quality and age of your electrical wiring, you should have an electrical contractor come to your property and assess the wiring through an electrical inspection. Fire’s from faulty electrical wiring are common and can be one of the most devastating as electrics run through your entire property, it’s hard to build home extensions Milton Keynes and building works after a severe fire as the foundations of the building are gone and need restructuring. Reduce the chances of an electrical house fire by having regular electrical inspections and keeping note of your electrical history.

Faulty Appliances

Another one of the biggest causes of electrical fires. It’s essential that when using plenty of electrical devices in your property that you have them, PAT tested. Things like kettles, microwaves, phone chargers and toasters are all examples of devices that can be professionally PAT tested. If you work in an office building or rent your property, it’s the landlord or your business owner to ensure that all of the appliances are PAT tested to optimise safety in the building for staff and inhabitants.

Look out for appliances that have frayed or split cords that look like they’re overloading your electrical outlets have wiring, that goes underneath carpet or furniture such as laptop chargers or is plugged in with other things on extensions cords. This can cause electrical overloads and cause the appliance to malfunction making it extremely dangerous.

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It’s important to remember that you should never have lit candles when there is nobody home, or in the room in which they’re alight. Candles are a naked flame in most cases making the things around them very vulnerable. If you love candles, try and find shallow candles or candles in a jar like at Yankee candle to reduce the chance of something around you catching on fire.

Also, it hasn’t been known for candles to be not blown out properly, sometimes someone will blow them out, and they will dim but not go out, so be sure to double check that the flame has been completely extinguished.

Children Being Children

One of the main characteristics of a young child is curiosity. Children are not thoroughly educated about everything but want to learn. Therefore a young child might see something on TV and try to mimic it. Keep all lighters, flammable gases, matches and naked flames away from your child. It’s highly unlikely that your child will want to cause any issues, but due to curiosity and innocence, it’s very likely that they will not know the dangers of fire so please be extra careful with your children playing with fire both accidentally and intentionally.

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Careless Smoking

A lot of people that smoke does not allow it indoors, not only because it is dangerous to your home, but because of the smell and long-term effects it has on your property such as yellowing. If you want to make your home completely safe, we recommend not allowing any smoking indoors whatever as it’s easier for things to catch alight than outside. As well as this we would suggest not smoking after having copious amounts of alcohol, sleeping tablets or strong medication as they all have the side effect of drowsiness that could cause you to fall asleep before adequately extinguishing your cigarette.

Purchase large sized deep ashtrays that can ensure that your cigarette is stubbed out correctly; you can even get ashtrays that swallow the cigarette, stopping oxygen and guaranteeing that the cigarette will go out.

Heating Systems

Including faulty boilers, heating systems are another common culprit of house fires. As well as house fires, faulty boilers can produce a toxic gas called Carbon Monoxide that can poison the human body. To reduce the chance of this happening you should call plumbers to carry out a plumbing inspection as well as boiler servicing to check the condition and efficiency of your boiler. If your boiler is in poor condition, they will either decide to repair it, or in severe cases, you might need an entire boiler replacement.

If you regularly use plug in heaters in the colder parts of your home then remember to take precautions to ensure safety. Keep heaters away from anything that could catch fire, and remember not to use them to dry clothes.

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Protect Your Home Today

Start protecting your home from the possibility of a house fire today by checking all of the things on this list have been done. It’s essential to protect you and your family from these dangers as they are not uncommon if the correct precautions are not taken. Contact your local builders Towcester with help on any building work on your home; we hope that this article was helpful. If it was then why not share on social media?