Adding value to your home is a positive thing, and there are small less costly measures that you can go to to add value to your home.

Why Is Adding Value To Your Home Beneficial?

If you’re someone that spends a lot of time in your home or simply enjoys having nice surroundings and decorating your home, then you are going to want to make your home look nice regardless of the adding value aspect of it.

But decorating your home nicely doesn’t necessarily add money onto your home’s value, but it can make enticing potential buyers to buy your property exceedingly easier.

But if you’re looking to sell up and move to somewhere else then you may want to increase the resell value of your home to allow you to move into a pricier house.

So, you want to upgrade your home and make it more valuable, but the question is how? How and what do you do to make your home the perfect residence to put on the market? Keep reading to find out!

#1 A Home Extension

Although one of the most obvious ways to add value to your home you could also use a home extension to add extra living space for you and your family. However, home extensions Buckingham can cause a considerable amount of disruption, so if you are at home often or work from home, then you may want to reconsider this option.

All in all, though home extensions can be great if you need a new bedroom, playroom or even a kitchen and can return you an investment of up to 71%!

#2 Double Glazing

For a fairly reasonable price, double glazing can add value onto your home; you may want to consider a variety of small, affordable upgrades rather than splash cash on a huge home extension.

Double glazing windows can help you save on your heating bills and help keep your home warm and insulated – if your home is not well insulated, then it is going to be very difficult for you to sell it on. It is possible for double glazing to add up to £5000 onto the value of your home!

windows in house

#3 Loft Conversion

One of the greatest forms of home conversion to add an extra bedroom to your home, loft conversions are expensive but have one of the greatest returns in price and can add as much as 15% home value!

They need no planning permission and no matter the shape of your home they can be made, but you may have to have some of the roof taken of your home and changed which can sometimes be extra pricey. You can even have your kitchen fitted in a loft conversion for a modernised bright, airy kitchen – or you can have a new master bedroom complete with your own en-suite!

#4 Replace Your Roof

Although this seems strange replacing your room can not only improve the efficiency of your home, but it also makes it look a lot better. A lot of homeowners do not realise it, but a dingy unclean roof can really put off homebuyers, so by having a freshly fitted brand new roof you can add up to £2000 onto the value of your home.

builder re building roof

#5 Garage Conversion

Have you ever dreamt of having a man cave or your own personal space, it is often people have their garages or basements converted for personal use or a recreational room rather than something such as a kitchen.

Garage conversions are not disruptive to your every day of your life as it is a room that you wouldn’t use every day, it also gives you the opportunity to clean out your garage and get rid of all the rubbish and clutter clogging up your garage. Garages can also be used as a bedroom so can add more living space, not to mention the fact that it can add up to £5000 onto the value of your home.

#6 Conservatories

If you take this into consideration, having a conservatory is just like investing in a home extension except without as much hassle and for a lower price. If you want to add extra living space as well as home profits, then this probably isn’t ideal as conservatories are not very effective as bedrooms.

They are often used as kitchens, dining areas or even living rooms but have also been known to be used as offices and playrooms. A conservatory is a standard home extension and can add up to £10,000 onto the value of your home.

conservatory in evening

#7 Insulate Your Home Properly

Although this seems like a minor home addition it can make a big difference, nobody is going to buy your home if it is not insulated and it can actually reduce the value of your property.

Wall cavity insulation equates to around £400-£700 depending on the type of home you have, but overall you can save up to £270 a year just on energy bills and make your house more attractive to potential buyers. As well as cavity wall insulation you could also invest in loft insulation or even draft proof your doors and windows.

#8 Clean Up

We don’t literally mean scrub your house clean, but repair any defects your home has that look unattractive or could steer someone from buying your home. Things like unbearably squeaky doors, damp patches, holes in walls or bad brickwork or broken or fallen down walls – these can be fixed by builders Milton Keynes or even by yourself.

Although this seems simple enough and perhaps even slightly pointless it makes a huge difference, if your home has damp then that classes as a health hazard and there is no way someone is going to want to live with that, so it’s better to have it fixed. Things such as poor brickwork or a broken wall can also be dangerous if they are so bad that they may collapse so you should have these sorted if you are living in your home to prevent injury and minimise danger.

mould next to window


There are plenty of ways you can add value to your home, when looking to expand and buy a bigger property you may have to do this to do so. If you are thinking about expanding your home, then take a look at some of our services.

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