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It’s that time of year when it’s time to start preparing your garden for summer.

How Can I Begin Preparing My Garden For Summer?

Although we are already in the summer months and the warmer weather has made an appearance, there’s still time for you to create the garden of your dreams before summer is in full swing. Spending evenings in your garden is a fantastic feeling, especially when accompanied by your closest friends and family members.

Gardens are fantastic for parties in the warm weather and save you the hassle of having everybody inside your house. Whether it’s a family get together, a birthday party, a private event or celebration of some kind, a garden party is always the best kind of party! SO if you want to utilise your garden this year but aren’t sure whether or not your garden is entirely up to scratch, not to worry!

We’ve devised a list of things that you can do to create the perfect garden, so if you want to know more then keep reading!

Start With The Grass

One of the most important aspects of your garden is the grass, children play on the grass, people sit on the grass, and it’s practically the glue that holds your garden together. If your grass is dry and scorched, it doesn’t give your guests the best first impression of your garden. It can make your garden look derelict and neglected rather than looking luscious and flourishing as a green garden should.

Using grass growing seed and regularly watering your grass is guaranteed to bring it back to life. You want your grass to be of a nice length with a bright green colour – that means it’s at it’s healthiest point. Be sure that to keep your grass healthy you regularly mow the garden – read this article on how to mow your garden fast and effectively.

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Be On Top Of Your Pest Control

Hundreds of different species of wildlife have your garden as their main habitat, although some of them can cause problems to your garden by eating your flowers or even digging up your flowers beds and grass. Moles are a problem for people that live in specific areas, such a big problem in fact that some councils in the UK attempted to make it legal to exterminate moles that were terrorising peoples back gardens.

Moles dig tunnels underground and can cause problems and eyesores such as mudhills or holes in the ground when they come up to the surface. If you have a problem with the moles in your garden, then contact your local council to see what can be done without causing any harm to them. As well as this you can use things like insect repellant in your garden to scare off slugs and other herbivores that might mistake your beautiful flower beds for a feast. And if birds are your problem if you enjoy growing your own fruit and veg, we would recommend purchasing a scarecrow to keep your crops safe rather than injuring any of the birds in traps or other methods. Contact your local pest control for safe and effective removal of garden pests.

Revive Your Shed, Greenhouse Or Summerhouse

Not only is it a waste to not make use of this space in your garden, but they are perfect for relaxing in during the blistering heat. If you don’t cope well in scorching heat, then something like a summer house can be the perfect hideaway when you need to sit in the shade but don’t want to be cooped up inside.

Take a look at these fantastic garden shed designs! If you don’t have a garden shed but want a form of shelter for your garden why not have home extensions Milton Keynes and invest in something like a conservatory or general home extension.

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Fill Your Garden With Flowers

One way to make your garden stand out is to include as many vibrant, stunning flowers as you can. Think the brighter and more prominent the better, if that’s your taste. If you want your garden to look like a tropical paradise then we recommend bright, giant blooming flowers to replicate a tropical jungle. If you want your garden to look like a sophisticated area that is perfect for afternoon tea, we recommend choosing dainty, beautiful flowers like roses and lilies.

General Garden Cleaning

You have to start the garden clearing process somewhere, be sure that you carry out all general garden clearing yourself or hire a gardener to do so. This includes simple think like pulling out old plants and flowers that you wish to replace or no longer want. Digging up and putting down weed killer and replacing any old or damaged sculptures.

There are plenty of simple tasks that you can carry out to make your garden look new again, get a broom and sweep down all of the dust and grime that could be on your patios or walkways. After you’ve done this, just to make sure that everything is gone you can powerwash your concrete slabs and patio, the pressure of the water makes it impossible for any tough grime or dirt to cling onto your pavement slabs. You can purchase a powerwasher or hire them for the day if you don’t think you’ll use it regularly. Although we must warn you that they are extremely powerful and can cause injury if used incorrectly, and when used on the wrong surface or pressure setting can cause damage to your possessions.

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Get Your Garden Ready For Summer!

So start preparing your garden for the summer with these top tips! Remember that builders Towcester can help you extend your home in time for the summer. And you can also use landscaping services to make your life easier and to allow a professional create you the garden of your dreams.

Take a look at this article we found to find out the benefits of landscaping! We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?