These days it is a very complicated process to find a good local builder, it seems as if a lot of companies and construction businesses are just trying to plough through the work for the payment at the end. However, that is not what working in the field of construction is like, you work hard long years to learn and develop and you do all that so that you can provide high-quality, reliable work.

Why Must I Know How To Find A Good Local Builder?

You do not need to know about construction or building to be able to suss a company their skills out. Usually, businesses offer things such as testimonials and previous work on their social media platforms and website to show potential customers some of their work.

But in case you don’t look out for some of the warning signs then you could find yourself falling into the trap of a cowboy builder. And if that happens it’s going to take you a while to get all the damage done to your home fixed and you will of lost out on a lot of money.

A lot of local builders use social media, so it’s straightforward to find the right builder for you and the certain things you are looking for. A lot of building companies on Facebook etc. have a lot of reviews and feedback from past customers. If they don’t have a lot or any, then be wary as you aren’t sure what the quality of work is like – also look out for any negative testimonials, or you could be ignoring the alarm bells.

So the question everybody is asking is how can you actually find a good local builder that doesn’t necessarily charge extortionate rates and pack up leaving a shoddy job load behind? Keep reading to find out!


If you see a building company advertising their services on paid campaigns or on billboards etc. then it is quite likely that they are reliable. They have the funds to promote their business, and they also must have a website if advertising online which could offer genuine customer feedback and proof of previous construction work.

Do Not Accept Work From Builders Unexpectedly Calling

You should never take work from builders who suddenly call or knock on your house claiming that something with your homes structure isn’t right – when it’s usually absolutely fine.

If you hire an unexpected builder, then you could end yourself up in a lot of trouble, these type of cowboy builders never stop producing extra work for you to pay off. What started off as a slight hole in the roof has now transformed into your entire roof needs replacing and all the stuff a long with it – it’s not a good situation to be in at all.

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When spending a significant amount of money on home extensions in Milton Keynes or having new build home made for you then it should be done exactly the way you want it – after all, you are paying a lot of money for their services.

When having these processes carried out then it cannot take to long as it can misconjecture your everyday life if you’re living on a building site for months on end.

A builder who offers flexibility shows his passion for his career and also shows that he cares about you and your family having the home of your dreams in the shortest time possible. Make sure your builder is allowing you to make decisions on your own house and is flexible with the materials you would like to use and the finishes you would like – because whats the point of building your own house if you can’t have it how you want?

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Warranty On Their Work

The difference between a group of good local builders Milton Keynes and a cowboy builder is that if a problem arises then a good experienced builder will be sure to fix it as opposed to a cowboy builder who usually makes a run for it before a problem has even arose.

If you find that your builder warranties their work, then you have a breezy life and nothing to worry about, as problems will always arise with building and home extensions, even after completion. So make sure that your builder warranties his work and is able to fix the situation.

Clear Communication And Keep You Informed

Nothing is more suspicious than a sneaky builder that is always making surprise fees for “extra materials” a good builder will keep you in the loop of the construction happening on your home and make you aware of any issues that come up or any extra materials they need.

A sneaky builder is bad news; cowboy builders will always make excuses to drain your bank account before they make off with your money. Excuses such as missing materials or something has been broken are common excuses that cowboy builders typically use, and you should never give any builder any more money than you already have unless they can provide genuine reason and explain the issue to you then you should not pay them any extra money whatsoever.

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A builder that is listed on a certifications site provides customer reassurance that the building company they are using is completely trustworthy and has been vetted and tested by professionals that have approved their work and service.

Establishments such as the FMB and LABC are groups of professionals that come out to view construction companies work to confirm that they are not cowboy builders and provide a high standard of work alongside excellent service.

The LABC deploy to construction sites every day to make sure that construction being done meets the basic building standards to ensure that builders and tradespeople are not putting customers at risk.


So it’s not too difficult to distinguish a cowboy builder from a decent builder, people fall into the trap when they are busy with everyday life and are too overwhelmed with chores and jobs to do that they miss all the alarm bells and end up falling victim to shoddy cowboy builders.

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